Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:55 pm
By:James Fraser

We humans, will never fail to impress each other. For us, nothing is impossible. We have technology; we build giant stuff, and we even landed on the moon. Nothing can stand in our way or stop us, not even a disease as complicated as Down syndrome. 
When there’s a desire burning deep under the walls of the heart, nothing can actually stop people from getting what they aspire to. 
When you break the silence, and start chasing your dreams, you too can achieve something great, like this young model with Down syndrome.
4.And She Started Chasing Her Dreams

Belief is your first step to success. When you start believing yourself, you slowly will see your dreams becoming a reality. When Madeline believed she could see herself as a model, she hit the gym, and worked hard for over 18 months to get rid of those few extra pounds.

And She Started Chasing Her Dreams-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

5.Mom is her First Photographer

Roseanne, a single mom, had this incredibly cute daughter born to her nearly eighteen years ago. Mommy is Maddy’s biggest friend, supporter and even her photographer! Roseanne says Madeline wants to change the way society discriminate against people with disabilities.

Mom is her First Photographer-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome

6.Madeline Loves Staying Fit and Healthy

She believes an active and healthy lifestyle makes every person with a disability happy, not just those with Down syndrome. This fitness secret helped her shed approx 40 pounds, which sets her up for a great modeling career.

Madeline Loves Staying Fit and Healthy-Meet Madeline, A Teen Model With Down Syndrome