Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:10 pm
By:Tony Williams


Archaeology looks quite cool, but it is certainly not well paid at all. You can be out there in all kinds of weather and covered in mud, but the bank balance does not reflect that at all, so forget about being rich with this major.

Archaeology-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money


This is the study of people, but what is the point of it in the world today? Yes you could become an explorer and head off to distant lands, but is it well paid? Not really, but at least you will have a nice looking passport.

Anthropology-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

3.Family sciences

This sounds fancy, but with majors fancy does not always translate into you making a lot of money. Yes you could end up being a counselor for example, but for the first big chunk of your career you are going to be poorly paid.

Family sciences-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

4.Studio Art

This just comes across as pointless and unless you are very lucky you will struggle to make ends meet. Yes there are some that will make a fortune through their art, but that is such a small percentage that it does kind of make it all a rather pointless exercise.

Studio Art-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money


This is a strange one because there are so many different factors to sociology that you would imagine it could indeed make you rich. However, most of these sectors ends up not paying you very well indeed and there is also the problem of a lot of people wondering as to what the point of sociology actually is.

Sociology-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money


This may seem quite useful, but in actual fact getting a job directly related to it is going to prove to be rather difficult. Very few people end up as teachers thanks to this major, so it then just becomes evidence that you did indeed carry on studying.

English-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

7.Social work

Social work is useful, but the problem here is that you will more than likely end up getting paid poorly and having to deal with all kinds of strange requests. It is only if you are lucky enough to get promoted several times that you can earn quite a good living.

Social work-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

8.Ethnic studies

The basic principle of ethnic studies is that it will send you to far off corners of the world, but quite often they are poor corners. The actual pay is not that great either and there is very little call for people with this kind of qualification as well.

Ethnic studies-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

9.Religious studies

Apart from being a teacher in religious studies is there any point in you taking this as a major? The only other reason is if you plan on living in some religious retreat for the rest of your days, but apart from that there is little chance of it making you rich.

Religious studies-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money


Can you actually think of a career where this would be useful and a major requirement? The chances are that you will be struggling, but then you can at least philosophize about it later on.

Philosophy-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money

11.Fine arts

Fine arts is often seen as being something quite posh and for rich people, so of course when money is tight this is undoubtedly going to be one of the first things that will be hit. There is also the problem of there being too many people with qualifications that is linked to it in some way compared to the number of people with money to spend.

Fine arts-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money


People may be a bit surprised by this one, but in actual fact the chances of you making money in architecture have fallen quite dramatically. Approximately 10% of people are actually unemployed and all it is now used for in most cases is to show that you do indeed have a brain.

Architecture-Majors That Won't Make You Any Money



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