Longest Tattoos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:31 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Sylvia Plath Flowers Tattoo

Sylvia Plath is certainly an inspiration to many people, and those who enjoy tattoos may even want her words on their body, forever. This beautiful design is a blend of image with words, as the rose stems have the elegant wording up and down, and criss crossing, creating a great design.

Sylvia Plath Flowers Tattoo-Longest Tattoos

2.Magazine Publication

Imagine using your body as magazine canvas. That's what this person did when they had magazine content permanently laid out on their thigh. Kind of a strange tattoo but the person must have had a great reason for it. Hey, maybe they are the editor of the piece, for all we know.

Magazine Publication-Longest Tattoos

3.Fight Club

Some people are really just such fans of a certain movie, they want to keep part of it with them forever. In this case, this person is a fan of the Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt. Taking the monologue from the film and having it inked on the entire left side of their torso.

Fight Club-Longest Tattoos

4.Love Is Patient

This is an awfully long tattoo for a tramp stamp, but it has a message in it that maybe this girl wanted everyone to see every time she bent over. The romantic prose gives this a much deeper meaning than just putting ink there to look good, even though there is one grammatical error in it.

Love Is Patient-Longest Tattoos

5.Tale Of Two Cities

This takes up two arms and is Chapter 1, paragraph 1 of Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities prose, that was written in 1859. Written in script on both inner forearms, the tattoo is perfectly spaced out to make a great showing for this tattoo client who must be a huge Dickens fan.

Tale Of Two Cities-Longest Tattoos

6.Ode To The Pot Smoker

This tattoo is an ode to the pot smoker, emblazoned on the man's back, and taking up his entire back. Written on an outline of an old fashioned paper scroll, this tattoo lettering is done in print and is not the best we've seen as far as penmanship, but gets the message out there.

Ode To The Pot Smoker-Longest Tattoos

7.Life Is But A Walking Shadow

A back tattoo with a great poem that covers all of their back. Inked in script, the tattoo sends a great message to anyone who reads it. This tattoo was most likely done in one session, with not as much pain as a full color picture back tattoo. There is less scraping to apply the color, making for a much more comfortable sit.

Life Is But A Walking Shadow-Longest Tattoos

8.David Foster Wallace

Inspired by David Foster Wallace, the words of this tattoo take up the entire inner forearm. When tattoo lovers choose a verse or wording for their ink, it usually means something of great importance to them It doesn't matter how long it is as long as it conveys the message.

David Foster Wallace-Longest Tattoos


Another full sleeve designed that looks to have been done in one or two sessions with giving it a uniform feel. Using bright colors and geometric shapes, it makes for a great sleeve. Covering the arm from the shoulder to the wrist, sleeves are typically done on both arms, not always at the same time.

Sleeve-Longest Tattoos

10.Photoshop Menu

People can be crazy with the things that they become obsessed with. In this case this woman must either be a graphic designer, or someone who wants to. With her entire inner forearms tattooed with the Photoshop menu, it's hard to believe that she would want that for a lifetime.

Photoshop Menu-Longest Tattoos

11.Flower Sleeve

This tattoo must have taken a whole entire day to design. Flowers make for a great sleeve, but most people have a sleeve done over time with many different themes that all come together to form the sleeve. The tats that are the most uniform are the ones that are done all in one shot.

Flower Sleeve-Longest Tattoos

12.On The Side

This beautiful ink covers the entire right side of this female, hugging her curves from under her armpit all the way down her thigh. The green tone black and white flowers are brilliantly designed with extreme detail and sizing to match the elegance of the female body in its glory.

On The Side-Longest Tattoos


Some tattoos are bigger than others, and some of them are extremely long. In this case, the tattoo is wordy, like that of a writer. In this tattoo we have Jack Kerouac an author of novel, On The Road. The excerpt is clearly written out, covering most of the back.

Writer-Longest Tattoos



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