Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 12:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.He's Going To Eat Me

This little baby looks to be no older than one. How can she possibly appreciate all that is going on around her. It is best to wait until a child is at least 5 years old before presenting her with a gigantic tiger that could eat her in one bite. Sure, Tony the Tiger grrrreat, but not to this little one.

He's Going To Eat Me-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

2.I'm Tired Of Walking

Think about how far a parent is expecting their kid to walk, if you laid it all out in one straight line. Never in their lives are these kids expected to walk that far. It's not wonder they don't want to walk anymore and when you put them in a stroller they get bored. Some kids are just too young.

I'm Tired Of Walking-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

3.Stop Calling Me Snow White

Her mother problem thought she would love dressing up as Snow White, her favorite character, but not when it's 85 degrees outside and the costume is itchy and sticky, and everyone is calling her Snow White all day long. And maybe she'd rather be Cinderella.

Stop Calling Me Snow White-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

4.Giant Chipmunks, Help

Think about how it looks to a tiny child when they look up and see gigantic creatures. No matter how much they like the characters on television, videos or books, they never imagine them to be so big. This little girl just wants to get away from them, but not before a photo is snapped.

Giant Chipmunks, Help-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

5.Please Can We Go Home

After a long day at Disneyland, kids just want to go home, and it's usually a lot earlier than the parents expect. They're sick of being hot, they're tired of walking, tired of all the people and tired of waiting for everything. They just want to go home and play on the floor.

Please Can We Go Home-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

6.I Hate This Ride

Most times kids are crying on rides. Well, it makes sense doesn't it. Most rides for kids just go around in a circle or up and down. If they don't cry from boredom, they cry from motion sickness. In their regular everyday lives their movement is either in a stroller or in a car, both going forward or back, not in circles.

I Hate This Ride-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

7.There's A Mouse On My Cookie

When is the last time he ate a cookie with a face staring back at him and with giant ears? Probably never or maybe once, judging by his age. Now he is being given this Mickey Mouse cookie and is expected to be delighted by it. Instead, he throws a fit and his parents are bewildered.

There's A Mouse On My Cookie-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

8.I Want To Ride A Real Pony

Everyone knows the carousel is boring. Even to kids. She would rather ride a real horse not this uncomfortable horse with a hard seat that goes up and down, up and down. As her parents squeal and take pictures, she hangs on for dear life, feeling herself slipping on the polished horseback.

I Want To Ride A Real Pony-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

9.I'm Not A Mouse

Sometimes kids are just too young for Disneyland. Sure it's marketed to small children and there are rides for little children, but what about the lines, the sun, the long hours? These children are so off their regular schedule they just can't do anything but cry and whine in confusion.

I'm Not A Mouse-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

10.I Look Stupid In This Hat

What a parent think looks absolutely adorable is maybe not so comfortable to their little one. Disneyland seems to be more a place for the parents than for the kids, a dream they had when they got pregnant. It's not always as they imagined when their little tyke gets cranky.

I Look Stupid In This Hat-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

11.I Want One With Ears On It Too

Kids are presented with so much all at once they just don't know how to handle it. Their senses are overloaded unlike any other time in their short lives. Back at home they are not allowed to eat so much sugar, to be outside so long, and to have get to play so much. They just can't handle it.

I Want One With Ears On It Too-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland

12.I Hate It Here

Parents can't wait to take their little ones to Disneyland. They teach them who Mickey and Minnie Mouse are and delight when their babies can call the famous mice by name. They think their children will be so happy once they get there and see all their favorite characters in person. The result? Screaming and crying.

I Hate It Here-Kids Being Unhappy At Disneyland



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