How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:37 pm
By:Tony Williams


Make sure that you insulate things such as pipes to reduce the amount of energy that is then being released through them. By insulating them it then takes less energy to run your heating system in the first place, so you win in several ways just by doing this one thing.

Insulate-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power


Change the shower head for one that wastes less water and make sure that you do shower rather than have a bath on a regular basis. A shower uses up to 50% less energy and over the course of a year that does equate to a huge amount and you can then see how it is going to translate into a lot of money being saved as well.

Shower-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

3.Drying clothes

If possible do try to avoid drying clothes in a machine because this is where so much of the power is actually used and it makes more sense to hang them outside if at all possible. Clearly there are times where that is not possible, but by doing it even a number of times you will see a difference.

Drying clothes-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power


When it comes to your heating system, then consider turning it down even by one degree as this can make a huge difference to your bill. There are times where it only takes you to put on a thin top to get warm again and that is cheaper, and uses less energy, than the alternative method.

Heating-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

5.Sleep mode

If you have a computer, then make sure that you use the sleep mode when it is sitting there unused for periods of time. This will mean that it does use up less power, but it is still sitting there hibernating and just waiting to be used again.

Sleep mode-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

6.Turn lights off

This may sound like common sense, but it is amazing how many people leave lights on when there is no need to do so. A commercial building will use up more energy for lighting than anything else and so much of this is going to be in empty rooms. Be sensible and if you are not going to be in that room make sure it is in darkness.

Turn lights off-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power


Make sure that you unplug items when you are not using them rather than just leaving them on standby. The problem here is that even though they are not being used they are still using up power especially with the old models, so it is pointless having something plugged in and ready to go when you have no intention of using it for quite some time.

Unplug-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power


Make sure that your dishwasher has an energy saving mode and only put it on when the machine is full. If possible try and allow the dishes to dry in the air because it is the drying part that uses up the most power, so by missing that out as often as possible you will see your bills drop accordingly.

Dishwasher-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

9.Washing machine

Make sure you only wash full loads and do yourself a favor by putting it on either warm or cold and not hot. Doing this as often as possible will result in you using a lot less power and reduce the cost to you on a per wash basis.

Washing machine-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power


Get a thermostat for your refrigerator and keep it to around 37 degrees and your freezer at 3 degrees as much as possible. This is lower than you will probably have it just now, but it will result in you using less power and this is great considering the refrigerator uses about 20% of the entire household amount.

Refrigerator-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

11.Energy bulbs

Get rid of those old fashioned light bulbs and get with the times by switching to the new energy saving versions. They may take a bit longer to warm up and give you the light that you need, but they reduce energy consumption by a huge amount, and they last a long time, so you can save money.

Energy bulbs-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power

12.New equipment

If you have some electrical item that is old, then the chances are it is not as energy efficient as new models. It can, therefore, be a good idea to change them for something new as this is going to reduce your bill thanks to it only using a fraction of the power.

New equipment-How To Reduce Over Consumption Of Power



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