Awesome House Built In An Underground Pothole

Monday, May 4, 2020, 4:40 pm
By:James Fraser

There are people, and then there are these millionaires. Most of us count cash to spend on food, milk, supplies and other stuff, while these millionaires spend it on some incredibly cool things. Atlas Survival Shelters, an American survival and bomb shelter manufacturing company, makes and sells these awesome bunker houses that no one knows exists even if they are standing on one. Here are fifteen images of these bunker houses that are meant to protect you from emergency situations.
7.Storage Space of Extra Bunk Beds

This particular room will let you store anything you want on the racks as you see. If you have nothing to store, and if you need to fit a few more guests, you can use this space to fit bunk beds. This is a very big house, and it supports life equally (if not better) than a regular house. People who have kids or pets in home will love this long walkway!

Storage Space of Extra Bunk Beds-Awesome House Built In An Underground Pothole

8.A Comfortable Bathroom

As we told earlier, this is a complete house! Bunkers are a common thing throughout the world, especially in Middle Eastern countries. However, bunkers are not all that comfortable to live.  Thanks to Atlas Survival Shelters, now living in a bunker is no longer a challenging thing. They provide you everything to stay happily, including nice and clean bathroom!

A Comfortable Bathroom-Awesome House Built In An Underground Pothole

9.Yes, There's a Kitchen Too

Cook, serve or enjoy your favorite food even if there's something seriously wrong outside like a zombie apocalypse or an alien attack! You are assured that no one's going to find and eat you. You are safe, and you can continue your millionaire life happily inside this bunker. This kitchen places comes very handy when you have to stay here for long time.

Yes, There's a Kitchen Too-Awesome House Built In An Underground Pothole