Hilarious Ebay Feedback

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 5:25 pm
By:Tony Williams


You really can just take your pick from the list here because each one is strange or funny, and sometimes both, in some way. The mental images that you probably have right now of squirting nipples or a fart amplifier will unfortunately stay with you for some time, but at least it is not left on your Ebay profile.

Farts-Hilarious Ebay Feedback

2.Seller replies

The best part about this one is that it is actually the feedback from the seller and not the buyer that is the funny part. Some of their comments are very clever, although there are others where you really question what they are doing, but it is cool that they have kind of turned the tables a bit in this way leading to the buyers being the ones wondering what is going on.

Seller replies-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


Perhaps the funniest one in here is the nails one just because of the mental image you then get of the person eating the clippings. OK the others are pretty good as well and at least the seller replied to one of them so they have a sense of humor as well and at least they are not all stuck up and offended by it.

Nails-Hilarious Ebay Feedback

4.List 3

How funny is some of the feedback on this profile? OK so most of them make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that is not the point because at least it is different from the usual stuff that people post about a product they have bought, so well done to the buyer in question because at least they are trying something different.

List 3-Hilarious Ebay Feedback

5.List 2

Some of the feedback on this list is hilarious and you do wonder what the seller thought when they saw they had feedback and then noticed that perhaps the person was not being that serious about it. You have to admire the creativity of the buyer with some of them although with others you do question their mind.

List 2-Hilarious Ebay Feedback

6.naked picture

As you can see this buyer claims that the seller sent them a naked picture of themselves and once again you partly hope that it is actually true. The idea of a seller going to such lengths in order to provide a bit of a more personal service is funny, but surely it is against the terms and conditions on Ebay?

naked picture-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


All of these links are just one person who makes a habit out of buying things on Ebay just to basically leave feedback like this on their profile. You do wonder about how expensive a hobby this is going to be since you need to purchase the goods to achieve your end aim, but if they are happy who are we to judge them on this because at least they are funny to read.

List-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


Now you hope that this is just fake feedback and that the seller did not actually put a c0ndom in the package just because of the username. However, part of you is probably wishing that it is indeed the case because it would then show that the person is either desperate or likes to play a joke, but Kim did not see it that way.

c0ndom-Hilarious Ebay Feedback

9.Snake Bite

Ok this feedback does involve somebody taking things a bit too far when trying to explain how happy they are about the product that they have just bought. Why they would be willing to do that with poison is a question that you may not wish to have answered as that would involve talking to the person and you get the feeling that is something that needs to be avoided.

Snake Bite-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


With this one the person states that it is making them think twice about beating their wife and that is only for a case for a phone. How excited must they have been to get it if it is going to stop them from doing that? Clearly Ebay provides a service that it is not even aware of.

Wife-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


This piece of feedback was actually quite brutal in nature because as you can see they were not happy with their purchase, but decided to take out their frustration on the actual manager. How they can decide that they are a slag is unknown, but you know that it is not the most helpful piece of feedback ever put on Ebay.

Slag-Hilarious Ebay Feedback


The thing about this comment is that it is just so strange and so out of place that you cannot help but laugh at it. Why the person behind it decided to mention prison is a mystery, but this is actually a bit of feedback that has since spread around the world and you wonder if they really would protect them in the shower.

Prison-Hilarious Ebay Feedback



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