Hangover Prevention Tips

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:43 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Stop early

Be sensible and know your limits and stick to them. There is no point keeping on drinking for hours on end when you know you are going to suffer because that is like self-abuse. Instead, stick to the idea of a couple, do not drink several hours before going to bed, and drink water and you should be fine.

Stop early-Hangover Prevention Tips

2.Eat a banana

You should look at eating a banana because it is high in potassium and that is going to be great news for your body. This is one of the key components that will be missing after you have been having a pee all night and at least it should be easy to stomach it.

Eat a banana-Hangover Prevention Tips

3.Avoid rounds

The problem with buying rounds is that you often end up drinking at a pace that is not suitable to your body. If you drink too much too quickly your body is going to be swamped with toxins, so get your own drinks at all times.

Avoid rounds-Hangover Prevention Tips

4.Vitamin B

Alcohol manages to drastically lower the amount of Vitamin B in your system, so look at having it as a supplement and take it before you go to bed. This should help to stop any potential issues caused by it and make you feel that bit better.

Vitamin B-Hangover Prevention Tips

5.Aspirin before bed

Take a couple of aspirin before you go to bed along with some water. Believe it or not but this is going to reduce the effects of the hangover as it stops inflammation in your body caused by the toxins.

Aspirin before bed-Hangover Prevention Tips


When you get home make sure you drink something like Gatorade. This is going to put those electrolytes back into your body because you are going to have managed to pee or sweat them all out during the night. This should help you to feel better in the morning.

Gatorade-Hangover Prevention Tips

7.Avoid shots

This may seem like common sense, but you need to avoid drinking shots because they are going to make you ill. The problem here is that they are so easy to drink, but they are also very potent at the same time, so just skip them.

Avoid shots-Hangover Prevention Tips

8.Stick to one drink

If you stick to beer all night, then there is a better chance of you not suffering from a hangover as opposed to if you were chopping and changing on a regular basis. By sticking to the one drink your body only has one toxin to deal with whereas change and your body has no idea what to do.

Stick to one drink-Hangover Prevention Tips

9.Avoid dark liquors

The reason why you should avoid drinking so many dark liquors is because they contain a toxin called congeners. These congeners do help to give you a hangover and the darker the drink the more there is of them in it.

Avoid dark liquors-Hangover Prevention Tips

10.Eat before drinking

People used to think that this was just some kind of old wives tale, but it does actually make a difference. Do not eat something greasy, but do aim for something that is high in protein as it is going to help absorb some of the alcohol and make it less likely you will feel off.

Eat before drinking-Hangover Prevention Tips

11.Drink water

It is very important that you drink water along with alcohol because part of your hangover is dehydration. Alcohol is actually a diuretic and that is why you end up peeing a lot, so drink a lot of water to stop that from happening.

Drink water-Hangover Prevention Tips

12.Don't drink

Perhaps the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink in the first place. This is common sense, but then what is the point in it if you enjoy alcohol to begin with? If you are the type of person that hates even the smell of alcohol, then you are very lucky.

Don't drink-Hangover Prevention Tips



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