Guy Goes On A Rant After Getting Rejected On Tinder

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 4:08 pm
By:James Fraser

Dating apps are becoming very popular. The number of people who use dating apps like Tinder is increasing everyday. Without them, it is virtually impossible to screen hundreds of people just to find that one dream girl or guy. While there are some really good advantages with dating apps, there are some disadvantages as well. The biggest con is that you don't really know what kind of a person you're dealing with until you meet them in person. This story is a perfect example of how online dating stories can go wrong.  A girl shared how she met a batshit crazy guy on Tinder, and posted the screenshots of their texts online. 
7.His Mom Died?

No one knows whether or not his mom really died. At this point, we think, most people find this man creepy. He sounds very desperate

His Mom Died?-Guy Goes On A Rant After Getting Rejected On Tinder

8.He Wouldn't Stop Asking Her To Answer His Call

Men like him are a major turnoff to women. With that kind of mindset and attitude, he is never going to find any good girl to date. The girl, on the other hand, did a right thing by deciding against to meet him. They aren't a good match in the first place, and only God knows how they got matched on Tinder. Any ordinary guy would never speak about sex on a blind date with a girl.
He is surely a batshit crazy guy and he happened to mess with the wrong girl.
Coming back to the story, the girl didn't really shared what happened next. We guess the guy might have stopped texting her.  

He Wouldn't Stop Asking Her To Answer His Call-Guy Goes On A Rant After Getting Rejected On Tinder

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