Geeky Protest Posters

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 5:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Yay for Simpsons

This advert must be one of the happiest moments for this geek because the point when they managed to dream up this slogan and entire idea has to be the high point of their year. It works brilliantly and people will also take notice of it and lets face it that is something that you want to happen.

Yay for Simpsons-Geeky Protest Posters

2.Star Wars

Ok so this was all about protesting against a particular Governor called Walker and you have to say that using Star Wars in this way is not only geeky, but also brilliant at the same time. They must have spent some time trying to work out how they could manage to do this, so fair play to them.

Star Wars-Geeky Protest Posters

3.Geek speak

Well this girl has decided that she will use geek speak in her poster and it is something that does actually work pretty well and at least you know what she is protesting about. This poster is simple, but also very effective and surely that is all you want.

Geek speak-Geeky Protest Posters

4.Meme protest

Why do more people not use memes for protest posters? They just seem to be perfect for it as this example shows because how could you not take business cat seriously when you have this placard waved in front of you?

Meme protest-Geeky Protest Posters

5.Hail hypno-toad

There is nothing better than just a random protest poster in the middle of another protest and this is a prime example. You just know that there is not a protest about a hypno-toad, so this guy is just trying to get in on the act and he has managed to do that pretty well indeed.

Hail hypno-toad-Geeky Protest Posters

6.He does?

Well how does this guy know that God hates JedI? Has he asked him lately? It does appear to be the case that he feels quite strongly about all of this and it has resulted in him taking to the streets in order to protest with his cardboard sign.

He does?-Geeky Protest Posters


How many people would even think about taking a cool picture from the Internet and turning it into a protest poster? Of course only a geek would ever think of that and indeed that is what has happened here. The result? A poster that says a lot without saying a lot.

Peek-a-boo-Geeky Protest Posters

8.Softly softly approach

This should really be seen as quite polite protesting, but at the same time it is quite a clever poster in the first place. This has to be a poster where nobody could arrest you because it must be the least confrontational one in the history of mankind.

Softly softly approach-Geeky Protest Posters

9.Lord of the rings

Taking a geeky movie and using it to put across your political point of view is very geeky as it is something that most of us just could not pull off if we tried. OK they have not tried to convert Gandalf into Obama, but apart from that it is quite a cool poster.

Lord of the rings-Geeky Protest Posters

10.Geek play

This is geeky on so many different levels that you can easily lost track of what is actually going on. However, you have to admire the way in which they have really gone into detail with their poster because that shows that they are serious about their thoughts and opinions.

Geek play-Geeky Protest Posters

11.Tell them what you mean!

This comes across as a very posh English way of protesting about something because even the wording is just not forceful enough. You expect them to be rushing off for strawberries and cream at Wimbledon after this.

Tell them what you mean!-Geeky Protest Posters

12.Time lord

This protest sign has to be classed as being geeky because it makes no sense in a protest situation unless time travel has all of a sudden become a reality and then make illegal immediately. However, can you actually see this as being the case?

Time lord-Geeky Protest Posters



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