Funny MacBook Stickers

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 8:54 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Apple Vs. Windows

Majority doesn't always win, especially not when it comes to tic-tac-toe. This decal insults Windows in such a perfect and subtle way. Looking at the game grid, Windows has played more moves, but Apple has strategically placed itself to win the entire game. This analogy can be applied to their real-life rivalry. Microsoft started in 1975, with Apple appearing on the scene one-year later. -

Apple Vs. Windows-Funny MacBook Stickers

2.Snow White Witch

The apple is the most important part of the Snow White fairytale. So it's no surprise someone would make a decal with the wretched witch for the MacBook. The cool thing about this sticker is that it seems like the witch is holding the apple with the tips of her fingers. In the real world, however, if you hold an apple by its leaf it will fall out of your hands and hit the floor.

Snow White Witch-Funny MacBook Stickers


This is the perfect Yoshi sticker. The Super Mario Bros. character is recognized for eating anything and everything in the game. His signature move is sticking out his tongue to trap his food aka his victim. It's neat how the Apple logo appears to sit right on top of his tongue in a 3D fashion.

Yoshi-Funny MacBook Stickers


Pacman has some competition on his hands. The MacBook logo has always looked like a Pacman character in mid-chomp. This huge decal brings that thought to fruition by having the logo in the middle of a Pacman game. There is a mini Pacman on the sticker, but once that apple gets its 'hands' on him, he's a gunner.

Pacman-Funny MacBook Stickers

5.Dog Bathroom

If dogs pooped out apples, the streets of NY would be a cleaner place. This decal is something a 15-year-old boy would appreciate. The dog seems like he's getting ready to run after a cat, rather than go to the bathroom. If this was a factual situation, the clean-up process would be much easier.

Dog Bathroom-Funny MacBook Stickers


This sticker makes Mario look like a force to be reckoned with. This decal is a play on the popular Iron Man image where the superhero is holding some sort of light orb. Mario is a known dimwit who walks around with a plunger and mushrooms, so it's comical to see him trying to be a hardcore superhero here

Mario-Funny MacBook Stickers


Homer Simpson wouldn't know what a fruit looked like even if it hit him in the face. Any Simpson fan knows Homer wouldn't be caught dead eating an apple unless it was battered and deep fried. Though the sticker is clever, it doesn't exactly blend well with the MacBook logo.

Homer-Funny MacBook Stickers

8.Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster and apples do not mix. It's funny how the apple logo perfectly aligns with the beloved character's mouth. But it's highly unlikely that Cookie Monster be that happy eating any fruit, even if it's an apple. The odd thing about this image is that he appears to have a human hand forcing the apple in his mouth and his monster hand is off lingering in the wind. -

Cookie Monster-Funny MacBook Stickers

9.Street Fighter

Video game lovers will appreciate this sticker. The two shadowy characters are from the hit game, Street Fighter. The characters are known for throwing orbs, rays and shields at their opponents. But in this instance, the fighter is throwing an apple. After getting hit with an apple that large, it's doubtful that the fighter on the receiving end will get up at all.

Street Fighter-Funny MacBook Stickers

10.Apple Pie

This is a clever way to show your love for apple pie. Even though the Apple logo is white, and the other elements are black, this sticker is still cool in regards to how ingenious it is. The only thing that would've made this sticker better, would be to replace the letter 'I' with an image of an eye.

Apple Pie-Funny MacBook Stickers

11.Albert Einstein

This photo of Albert Einstein has been circulating the web since AOL was a hot commodity. The decal turns a crazed photo of the physicist and creates an even crazier image. An apple ice cream cone doesn't make sense, but neither does Einstein having his tongue hanging out like a puppy dog. -

Albert Einstein-Funny MacBook Stickers

12.Apple Juice

This MacBook sticker is simple, yet clever. The sticker itself looks like a 5-year-old created it, but the hilarity in its simplicity is what makes it good. It's just a juice box that coyly references apple juice. The only problem with this sticker is that it doesn't blend in like the other decals. Instead, it looks like someone took a sharpie and drew around the logo.

Apple Juice-Funny MacBook Stickers

13.Headless Horseman

When you think of the 'Headless Horseman,' an apple is the last thing that comes to mind. Instead of holding his pumpkin head, the urban legend is holding the MacBook Apple logo. If this guy goes around throwing a huge apple at people instead of a pumpkin, a lot of people are going to need to go to the emergency room. -

Headless Horseman-Funny MacBook Stickers

14.Squirrel Steals Apple

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. This furry little squirrel decided to ditch the pile of nuts and go for the apple instead. The creature's bulging eyes is too cute for words, as he looks mesmerized by the fruit logo. And it's pretty hilarious how well the MacBook logo merges effortlessly with the squirrel's hand in the sticker. -

Squirrel Steals Apple-Funny MacBook Stickers

15.Apple Progression

This sticker shows the lifespan of an apple. If you aren't an Apple or MAC fan, you'd think this sticker was the brand's actual logo. The sticker begins with a whole apple and ends with its seeds. However, the seeds are rather large and bear a striking resemblance to the leaf on top. --

Apple Progression-Funny MacBook Stickers



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