Full Body Tattoos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:34 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Full Japanese

The first thing you think about here is how long it would have taken in order to complete the tattoo, but then the other thing you think about is how good it actually is as a piece of art. You cannot help but scan over the entire tattoo just trying to make sense of it all and admire the work that has gone into it and you just know that the guy is going to be very happy with the end result.

Full Japanese-Full Body Tattoos

2.Walt Disney

This tattoo really is a bit of fun from start to finish thanks to the different Disney characters that are included in it and you cannot argue with the fact that it is certainly a change to see something as fun as this as a tattoo. The work itself is also exceptional and the number of colors just works due to the subject.

Walt Disney-Full Body Tattoos

3.Tiger 2

This is a much better tiger than another example here because the actual artwork itself is of a far superior quality from start to finish. The entire scene is just fantastic and the color balance is also just right resulting in a tattoo that you just have to stand back and admire.

Tiger 2-Full Body Tattoos

4.Japanese 2

This is another example of the Japanese Yakuza tattoo and once again you have to just admire the skill and the quality of the work. Yes you will not understand the symbols, but you do not have to because it is all about stepping back, looking at it, and just admiring it for what it is and that is an amazing piece of art.

Japanese 2-Full Body Tattoos


There is something both spooky and funny about this particular tattoo because the shape of the guys head is just perfect for that alien. OK the actual style of the tattoo may not be the best for some people, but you have to admit that the entire picture is very well done.

Alien-Full Body Tattoos


One of the first things you have to say about this tattoo is that even the flames on it are spectacular and must have taken a long time to actually complete. However, the detail on the main part of the tattoo is unreal because if you look closely there is so much going on that it really is a wonderful work of art. This must have taken so long to complete.

Flames-Full Body Tattoos

7.Scary faces

How scary are the two faces in this tattoo? Ok they are exceptionally well done and you have to seriously admire the skill in designing them, but you can see how they would freak some people out. The fact that others are on his arms just adds to the effect and overall this is quite a creepy, but cool, tattoo.

Scary faces-Full Body Tattoos


Where do you begin with these tattoos? First there are so many colors included that it is difficult to keep track of them, but while the one on the left is quite spread out there is far too much happening with the one on the right. You do get the feeling that more will happen with the one on the left as they look at the other with tattoo envy.

Colorful-Full Body Tattoos


These guys are Japanese Yakuza and it is traditional for them to get seriously cool tattoos that are full of symbolism all over their body. You have to admit that the detail included in them is exceptional and the work that has gone into them make them hard to beat even if you do not understand what is going on inside.

Japanese-Full Body Tattoos

10.The skull

There really is something cool about this tattoo as even the skull itself appears to be quite soft in nature even though it is still a skull. This tattoo just seems to flow well as it is so well put together that you would have no idea if it was all done at the one time or over the course of years.

The skull-Full Body Tattoos

11.Give up the ghost

There is a real sense of symmetry going on with the main torso part of this tattoo and you have to admit that it does look rather cool. The way in which this has been laid out is impressive as is the artwork itself and you cannot blame the guy for wanting to show it off as much as possible.

Give up the ghost-Full Body Tattoos


There is so much going on here with tigers that you do not know where to begin. At least it is all well designed and you have to say that the artist has done an amazing job of getting everything in, but there appears to be a bit too much going on around the breasts when it should have perhaps been a continuation of the scene below.

Tigers-Full Body Tattoos



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