Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Hot sauce

Hot sauce suppresses your appetite because the spice in it plays tricks with your mind. It encourages your body to release various chemicals and in turn those chemicals will make you feel more full for longer.

Hot sauce-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


Cinammon is a great food for suppressing your appetite and this is purely because of the way in which it lowers your blood sugar levels. Why is this important? Because when those levels are lowered it means you do not feel hungry.

Cinnamon-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

3.Vegetable juice

Studies have shown that when it comes to vegetable juice it does indeed suppress your appetite. In actual fact one study showed that people that drank vegetable juice tended to eat far less calories than people eating a normal meal.

Vegetable juice-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


Oatmeal may be sky high in carbs, but the good news for you is that they are the best types. The carbs contained in oatmeal are slow acting, so you end up feeling fuller for longer and will no longer feel the need to go and eat a lot.

Oatmeal-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

5.Green tea

Green tea does several things including lowering your blood sugar levels, inhibiting the movement of glucose around your body, and generally making you feel less hungry. The fact that it also tastes quite nice is only an added bonus.

Green tea-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


Sushi does fill you up quite quickly and the reason for that is due to wasabi. This really does suppress your appetite and another bonus is that it is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it is actually quite a good thing to eat if you can stomach the taste.

Wasabi-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


The reason why tofu works so well is because it is high in something called genistein. This has been proven to suppress your appetite, so look at getting this into your diet as quickly as possible in order to really feel the benefits.

Tofu-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

8.Umeboshi plums

These types of plums work because of how sour they are and if you want to suppress your appetite, then that is one little trick to keep in mind. This basically shocks your system, just do not eat too many or you may cause yourself some problems.

Umeboshi plums-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

9.Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes, like every other type of potato, is high in starch, but with this version it is resistant to your digestion processes, so you feel fuller for longer. The fact that they are packed with Vitamins A and C are just an added bonus.

Sweet potatoes-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


If you drink a glass of water before your meal it has been shown to result in you eating less and, therefore, consuming less calories. It is a nice and easy way to reduce your intake and to feel fuller quicker.

Water-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite

11.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is well known to suppress your appetite and the way that it works is quite simple. What happens is that the bitter taste actually sends a signal to your brain to basically stop you from feeling hungry, so how cool is that?

Dark chocolate-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite


Almonds are full of antioxidants, Vitamin E and magnesium, but the most interesting part is that they have been proven to make you feel fuller as well. What you need to do is to think about eating them as a snack instead of that chocolate bar and you will be so much better for it.

Almonds-Foods That Suppress Your Appetite



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