Foods That Cause Acne

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:46 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Potato chips

Potato chips are of course high in salt, but they are also high in starch and both of them can have a negative impact on the quality of your skin. Do yourself a favor and look for the healthier option with reduced salt and fat so at least you can still enjoy them without suffering after it.

Potato chips-Foods That Cause Acne


Salt is undoubtedly bad for us and it has been shown to work on those pores and play havoc with them. Of course you need to cut back on the salt content because of what it can do to your health in general, but apart from that surely having nice skin is something that you will really want?

Salt-Foods That Cause Acne

3.Peanut butter

As nuts are included it makes sense for peanut butter to also be in here as well. It is included for all of the same reasons as nuts, and the butter aspect as well, so if you eat it on a daily basis, then you may be storing up trouble for yourself.

Peanut butter-Foods That Cause Acne


Nuts are in here because they are believed to be hard to digest and this can then lead to problems since they are high in protein and fat and acne can then occur. This is a surprise as people always think that they are the healthier option and they are, but not for your skin.

Nuts-Foods That Cause Acne


Cheese is in here simply because of the milk content and if you are a lover of it, then you are best to consider cutting back in order to help your skin. Of course there are healthier cheese options that you can also try, so at least with that you can deal with your craving without then having to deal with your skin.

Cheese-Foods That Cause Acne

6.Spicy foods

We all know how eating spicy food can affect us in different ways and one way is that it can lead to acne developing in some people. This is rarer than some of the other foods listed here, but if you are sensitive to spice and breakouts of acne, then eat less of it.

Spicy foods-Foods That Cause Acne

7.Yogurt with fruit

If you are going to eat this, then use low fat, healthier yogurt because the milk and fat in it, along with the sugar in the fruit, is going to be like heaven for acne. Once again you need to eat quite a lot of it for this to become a problem, but surely it is better to just be careful with things?

Yogurt with fruit-Foods That Cause Acne


The reason why sherbert is includes is due to the sheer amount of sugar that is in it. As you can imagine, this can also apply to basically every type of confectionary, so do look at reducing the amount you take because your skin will be a lot happier as a result.

Sherbert-Foods That Cause Acne

9.Cottage cheese

This is directly related to the fact that it is still a dairy product and it contains those same hormones in it than the milk. This means that those pores can start to become blocked and all of that grime builds up resulting in you getting that acne.

Cottage cheese-Foods That Cause Acne


The reason why milk is bad is due to the hormones that are in it naturally. For some reason this does not then agree with some people and the result is that their acne problem gets worse. It makes sense that if you restrict the amount of milk you drink, then your skin is going to be healthier.

Milk-Foods That Cause Acne


Sugar does not work well with acne and indeed if you have a sweet tooth, then the chances of you having a major problem with it will be pretty high. Cut back on it, there is no need to completely eliminate it, and you should see a difference in your skin.

Sugar-Foods That Cause Acne


Chocolate is seen as being a cause of acne because of the milk and sugar that is contained within it. You have to remember how much of both things is actually in there to understand how eating a lot of it, and you do need to eat a fair amount, can lead to that acne getting worse.

Chocolate-Foods That Cause Acne



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