Fifteen Most Satisfying Things In The World

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:58 pm
By:James Fraser

Our life is nothing more than a journey on the road that has unpredictable twists and turns. The road of life, however, does have milestones, representing moments of happiness, satisfaction, pain and dejection.

Here are fifteen of the most satisfying things that we all once experienced or love to experience in our lives.

4.The Never Ending Fart

The fart that you held for a long time (for obvious reasons – you are not an animal!) is all set for a loud launch in the comfort of your personal space or toilet. This fart can give you the most satisfying few seconds of life that just don’t come every day. If you do find this velocity of fart to be frequent then you may need to examine your diet. Stop eating those beans.

The Never Ending Fart-Fifteen Most Satisfying Things In The World

5.The ‘Long time no come’ sneeze

When the devil in your nose finally gives up, the same devil which has been poking your nose with its pitchfork for the past few minutes, then, you can sneeze out all frustration to experience feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. Busting out a long teased sneeze gives so much satisfaction!

The ‘Long time no come’ sneeze-Fifteen Most Satisfying Things In The World

6.The 'sh!t' that showed hell to you is finally out

When the 'sh!t' stuck up your rectum finally comes out, my goodness – what a joyous feeling! With life coming so hard at you sometimes you no longer have the courage or power to force it out – but then, when you finally manage to do it with that little piece of soul left in you, it is perhaps the most painful and satisfying moment every human being experiences at least once in a lifetime!

The 'sh!t' that showed hell to you is finally out-Fifteen Most Satisfying Things In The World