Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:35 am
By:Tony Williams


Studies indicate that up to 25% of the total number of cigarettes sold around the world are actually smuggled. When you consider one trillion cigarettes are traded every year it just shows how big the black market is actually going to be and you may also then understand why some people get involved in it in the first place.

Smuggled-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts


Apparently up to 20% of a cigarette is actually sugar and that is something that does tend to catch out a lot of people. Imagine being a diabetic and a heavy smoker, that has to play chaos on your health and people then wonder why they are still having issues when the answer is there in front of them.

Sugar-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

3.10 seconds

After smoking, the nicotine gets to your brain and starts to have an impact on it within just 10 seconds. The amazing thing is that the nicotine has then been found elsewhere in the body including breast milk in women, so that is why you should not smoke when you are pregnant.

10 seconds-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

4.Mostly men

The sex with the biggest percentage of smokers is male across the world, but in the US the figure is actually quite close. However, it is seen as a male orientated past time with only about 20% of women smoking while in some countries it is almost half of men.

Mostly men-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

5.4000 ingredients

Your average cigarette is going to contain more than 4000 ingredients and then when you light it that is going to kick start some chemical reactions and lead to another 200 compounds being created almost instantly. The fact that most of them can then damage your lungs is also something you should not forget.

4000 ingredients-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

6.Short life

Scientist state that a smoker can reduce their life by up to 14 years and that is quite a scary thought when you stop and think about it. That means that if you smoke for a number of years you are doing so much damage to your insides that your body just cannot deal with it and at some point something has got to give.

Short life-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

7.That tip

The cork tip that you are going to be so familiar with was invented by a Hungarian guy called Boris Aivaz in 1925. Of course we do not actually use cork, but the idea of it is the reason why there is that distinctive color and design of tip on most cigarettes around the world.

That tip-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts


Did you know that urea is used in order to flavor cigarettes? This at first may not worry you until you find out what urea actually is because this is something that is a major component in urine, and that is sitting there in your cigarette just to make it taste better.

Urea-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts


Cigarettes contain a scary 43 different carcinogens, so think about that the next time you go to light up. They do of course also contain arsenic and that is one of the most poisonous substances known to man, but you have it sitting there in that packet right this very minute.

Carcinogens-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

10.Popular brands

Marlboro, Camel, Kent, and Cool apparently own up to 70% of the total market and that really is impressive when you consider how many different brands you see behind the counter. They are of course the main names that you do associate with tobacco though and it shows how much money they must make every single year.

Popular brands-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

11.More nicotine

Apparently there are a number of brands out there that have been shown to have increased the strength of the nicotine in their cigarettes in recent years. In actual fact it is believed that some have gone up by approximately 11% and that is a huge amount considering people do not appear to have complained about it.

More nicotine-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

12.Biggest traded item

This is actually the biggest traded item anywhere in the world because more than one trillion are currently being sold between countries every single year. That shows just how massive the business actually is and it is pretty amazing considering there are now fewer smokers than ever before.

Biggest traded item-Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts



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