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Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 5:02 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Sean Combs

Sean Combs is a musical maestro. He is a fantastic rapper as well as a great producer and he is probably responsible for an explosion in the popularity of rap music around the world. He has certainly been quiet with producing music lately, but as soon as he brings out something new the world takes notice and that is all you need to know about how popular he is.

Sean Combs-Famous Rappers

2.Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wyane is the kind of rapper who is in your face and comes across as a bit aggressive. However, in actual fact he is a cool guy and people do love this kind of brashness about him, so his character is certainly working.

Lil' Wayne-Famous Rappers

3.Kanye West

This is a guy that can now claim to be one of the most famous rappers in the world. Yes he is married to a Kardashian, but at the same time he is more famous than them in his own right. He exploded onto the scene a few years ago and you just know that he will continue to be popular for years to come.

Kanye West-Famous Rappers


In the 2000's, this guy was voted as one of the top rappers of the decade, only Eminem beat him, and even though he has been a bit quieter lately he is still an influential player in the industry. His music is seriously cool and even his older stuff has not aged that much.

Nelly-Famous Rappers


This is another rapper who is still one of the most famous names around even though he was shot dead in 1996. He really did leave a legacy and his music is still loved today. There is no doubt that he would have been a global superstar if he was not killed all of those years ago.

Tupac-Famous Rappers

6.Notorious BIG

The fact that people still talk about this guy years after his death shows how big an influence he was on the entire rap scene. He was larger than life both physically and in his character and it is a real shame that he was not able to produce more music.

Notorious BIG-Famous Rappers


The thing that people love about this guy is the speed at which he can rap because his music is often at a serious tempo. Of course this means you may struggle to keep up with him at different points, but you cannot fail to love the way he puts his music together.

Ludacris-Famous Rappers

8.Snoop Dogg

Is there a rapper out there that is as laid back and relaxed as Snoop Dogg? This guy is the epitomy of cool, but he is also a fantastic rapper who has been responsible for a number of amazing songs oh and he is also quite good at acting as well.

Snoop Dogg-Famous Rappers

9.50 Cent

50 Cent really did explode on the scene a few years ago thanks to his career being boosted at the start by the likes of Dr Dre and Eminem. He is lucky to even be here considering he was shot nine times in 2000, but by 2003 he had become a global superstar and was voted one of the best artists of the 2000's.

50 Cent-Famous Rappers


This guy has to be one of the biggest music stars in the world right now and of course he is also married to Beyonce. He has sold over 50 million albums around the world and he also has a number of different business interests resulting in him being worth a huge sum of money.

Jay-Z-Famous Rappers

11.Dr Dre

Dr Dre is perhaps better known for being a producer, but he is an excellent rapper in his own right. He has been around the scene since the days of N.W.A, but he has also been responsible for the careers of a number of leading rappers such as Eminem and 50 Cent.

Dr Dre-Famous Rappers


Eminem is one of the most successful rappers of all time. Born Marshall Mathers in Detroit, he had a difficult time making that breakthrough until he created the Slim Shady persona. He is controversial, but at the same time he is loved by millions around the world.

Eminem-Famous Rappers



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