Extreme Rollercoasters

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 4:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Yellow Cross

Yellow means fear, and fear you will, as you zip and spin, through loop and after loop on this extravagant roller coaster. One of the fastest coasters that is able to flip over and over again, as you dangle from the seat. A thrill ride for adrenaline addicts, or thrill seekers willing to push the envelope.

Yellow Cross-Extreme Rollercoasters

2.Sky High

Looking more like a tower than a coaster, this ride takes you straight up and then straight down. As you climb, higher and higher, you feel the tingle of the drop about to come. Faster and faster you drop, until you feel like there is no bottom, and then you feel the track under you, for a dizzying ride of your life.

Sky High-Extreme Rollercoasters

3.Red and Yellow

What goes up, must come down. And, down, down, down, you'll go at warp speed, after climbing straight up the tower to the sky. With your stomach in your throat, you'll practically fall straight down, at speeds that keep you pressed against your seat. An adrenaline junkie's dream come true.

Red and Yellow-Extreme Rollercoasters


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's super coaster. This coaster, in superman colors, is a maze of flips and twirls that will excite even the most experienced roller coaster rider. Faster than a speeding bullet? Well, maybe not, but it's most definitely more fun than riding on superman's cape!

Superman-Extreme Rollercoasters

5.Wall Dive

It may look like you are about to hit the wall, before zipping through the hole. And, if that wasn't enough, you drop and climb, spin and twist, all while speeding down the smooth track. A great roller coaster for thrill seekers who want the unexpected, and expect nothing less.

Wall Dive-Extreme Rollercoasters


Just when you think you're going one way, you're going another. This coaster can't make up it's mind as you zip, and twirl down the track, spin upside down, jolt in a different direction, and fall almost straight down. It's one long scream from start to finish. The ultimate ride for thrill seekers.

Spiral-Extreme Rollercoasters

7.Nose Dive

This coaster has one of the steepest drops taking you beyond a 90 degree angle and dropping you straight down. Giving you the feeling of falling, it's a nightmare that's fun. Zip around the track, before plummeting for the ultimate in excitement. Great for real roller coaster aficionados.

Nose Dive-Extreme Rollercoasters


The X means it's the ultimate Xperience. Ride the Xtreme coaster and you'll want to do it again and again. Just like life, this roller coaster takes you through a series of emotions as you dread getting on, fear speeding down, feel relieved as your glide in the sky, and terror as your plummet down again.

Xtreme-Extreme Rollercoasters

9.White Sky

You will feel like you are in the sky with this coaster, as you bolt straight up at 90 degrees, to only speed back down at the same angle into a tunnel. An experience that tickles all the senses, you'll scream, you'll laugh ... you may just pee your pants ... but all in the name of fun.

White Sky-Extreme Rollercoasters

10.Rocket Snake

Is it a ferris wheel or a roller coaster? As you come up one side of the circular track, you fly down the other side at almost a 90 degree angle. The ultimate thrill as you speed along the green track high in the sky, speeding straight up and straight down.

Rocket Snake-Extreme Rollercoasters

11.The Joker

Loops and twirls, this fast thriller coaster zigs and zags, while zipping along it's purple track. The loops take you upside down, for the ultimate thrill, as the coaster swooshes high in the sky one minute, before plummeting down quicker than you can hold onto your stomach.

The Joker-Extreme Rollercoasters

12.Spider Coaster

This coaster is among the scariest. Hanging off the sides, with no track underneath, it's just you and the air beneath you. A great thrillride for adrenaline junkies who love pushing themselves to the limit. Not for the lighthearted, but lots of thrills, you won't soon forget this one.

Spider Coaster-Extreme Rollercoasters



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