Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 5:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.The Magic Of Eyes

Standing back again and not so close we see once again the haunting beauty of the eye and the power it has to draw us in. The color here is absolutely striking and the way that the two colors have that line between them just adds to the allure of the eye.

The Magic Of Eyes-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

2.Violet Rarity

A violet eye, one of the rarest color eyes on the planet. Here we see the light catching the eye like fiber optic threads of dancing glitter. In some lights it does appear to be more blue color, but you have to admit that this is a pretty special photograph of something that we take for granted.

Violet Rarity-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

3.Seeing Deeper

A rare flower? A strange sea monster? Muscles form a patchwork of mystery and beauty. Everything just looks so hard and strong and the pupil part also looks completely different to how you would have imagined it would have been when you first look at somebody.

Seeing Deeper-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye



Here the pupil appears flat and matt but also perhaps like a grand opening into another world? An opening into space and eternal darkness.

Space-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

5.Magical Forest

Threads, fibres, and tiny capillaries all bunch together to create a magical forest. Each eye is so unique that it is as special as a finger print. There is so much going on here with this image that you just simply do not know where to look.

Magical Forest-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

6.Pools of Light and Shadow

Reflecting the world around us, yet seeing and absorbing all that is around us. The eyes are capable of telling us so much information both from us looking out as well as others looking in at us.

Pools of Light and Shadow-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

7.Color Myriads

The iris is rarely one flat color, instead colors weave and thread together to create a symphony of shades. Blue, silver, amber and rust. This gives the eye a really different look, but it is one that is able to still draw you in.

Color Myriads-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

8.Windows to the Soul

The eye a matrix of fibrous and threads yet also the window to our soul. Our emotions can be seen here at any given time. The thing that strikes you about this eye has to be the patterns you see before you and you wonder what the person is thinking as you look deep into them.

Windows to the Soul-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye


When staring deep into your loved ones eyes you might see a sunflower surrounded by a deep blue sea or other poetic imagery. What this photograph shows is that the eye can actually be even more beautiful than you imagined.

Poetry-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye


One is both surprised and shocked at once to see the human eye is so fibrous and complicated yet flowing and intriguing. The detail in this image really is outstanding and you do wonder how they could take such an amazing photograph in the first place.

Intriguing-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

11.The iris

The iris in close up weaves its magic no matter the color. Blue, brown and more rare green and hazel. This hazel eye is almost like a photograph of the deep sea along with unknown sea anemone.

The iris-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

12.In Outer Space

Once seeing the eye in close up it becomes apparent that this is much like traveling to a planet we have never seen before. The pupils seem crater like and the iris a spongy unknown terrain.

In Outer Space-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye

13.A Supreme Close Up

Some of the most remarkable photographs of the eye have been taken by Suren Manvelyan. His photographs are astounding and his techniques a closely guarded secret, but you can see how amazing the end result can actually be.

A Supreme Close Up-Extreme Close Ups Of The Human Eye



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