Disney Full Body Painting

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 8:44 pm
By:Tony Williams


Flounder looks ready to be flambeed. Although this body paint does look like Flounder, it appears as if he's had one too many drinks. The lines are jagged and entirely too thick. The best thing about this Flounder face is his mouth. To make matters worse, one of the poor fish's eyebrows has gone MIA.

Flounder-Disney Full Body Painting

2.Cheshire Cat

This is one creepy cat. Though the body paint of The White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts is an accurate depiction, The Cheshire Cat falls short. The cat has two noses because the model's was not covered up properly. Even The Cheshire Cat's smile, the one component that makes him who he is, looks like a bumpy mess. The painter must have drawn inspiration from a mutated cat, because to them cats obviously have ears on their face.

Cheshire Cat-Disney Full Body Painting


This rendition of Ursula would scare the villainess herself. The painting is amazing because it doesn't even look like there's a human model behind the paint. Ursula's eyes and nose are detectable, but the model's mouth is hidden behind that of the character. The creepiest aspect of this body painting is the fact that you can't tell if this is a man or a woman.

Ursula-Disney Full Body Painting

4.Jack Skeleton

Jacks Skeleton never looked so evil. The Nightmare Before Christmas character had sinister ways, but he never looked it. This painter drew inspiration from the film, and put a spin on Jack, by bringing out his inner evil on his face and body. The characters on his chest look exactly like the ones in the movie. Unlike the movie, this body painting does resemble a nightmare.

Jack Skeleton-Disney Full Body Painting

5.Cruella De Vil

This is by far the worse body paint job, ever. The painter managed to make Cruella De Vil even uglier than she already is. The paint is not cohesive and the lines are so harsh it looks as though it was spackled on with a butter knife. On the other hand, the model's crazy eyed look does help her evoke the villainess' evil look.

Cruella De Vil-Disney Full Body Painting

6.Scar and the Hyenas

This paint job combines Scar with his hyena entourage. The hyena body paint is impeccable and recognizable from the moment your eyes catch it. Scar, however, looks like any regular angry lion. The real Scar from The Lion King had a noticeably slender face, whereas this model does not. The model should have just called himself Simba and painted Simba and Nala on his chest.

Scar and the Hyenas-Disney Full Body Painting

7.Modern-Day Snow White

This isn't your typical Snow White re-creation, but it's an eye-catching one to say the least. If it wasn't for her corset top and the apple this would just be another woman modeling clothes from a magazine. The paint job is not the best, but it gets the point across. The only explanation for Snow White's absent skirt is that it must be laundry day.

Modern-Day Snow White-Disney Full Body Painting

8.Finding Nemo

Seems like Nemo no longer needs to be found. Nemo's surprised look is hilarious because there's no other way he could have been expressed on this particular female's body. The illustrator did a great job on the eyes, as little Nemo appears to be looking right at you no matter where you're standing.

Finding Nemo-Disney Full Body Painting

9.Mad Hatter

Even Alice would go mad over this Mad Hatter body paint. Though the model is a woman, the painter is so skilled that they were able to flawlessly transform her into a male. One of the great things about this body paint is from far away it looks like an actual suit instead of paint. -

Mad Hatter-Disney Full Body Painting

10.Rafiki and Simba

This body painting combines Rafiki introducing Simba to the pride with random Lion King scenery. The entire body paint is amazing, but the art on her legs is amazing. The use of various shades of browns, reds and black make her legs look like the African plains that inspired the film. Not to mention the animals on her shins are the perfect rendition of the real thing.

Rafiki and Simba-Disney Full Body Painting

11.Sleeping Beauty Aurora

This Sleeping Beauty forgot her dress. The top half of the body painting is the mirror image of Aurora's signature dress, but the bottom half is something out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue. Sleeping Beauty always has a pleasant and classy deportment, and this image just annihilates that. Somebody should tell this model she's pouring it on a little thick with the yawning.

Sleeping Beauty Aurora-Disney Full Body Painting

12.Lion King Scene

This body painting mimics the Hakuna Matata scene from The Lion King. There are several different images from that scene on this woman's back, but the one in the middle is the most detailed. The shadow images of Timon, Pumba, and Simba warp you back into that scene where they're swinging their heads as they make their way across the log.

Lion King Scene-Disney Full Body Painting

13.Minnie, Ariel, Pluto, Mickey

This painting was apparently done by a novice. The characters are indeed recognizable, but their execution is poor. Ariel looks like she's 76-years-old and Minnie's arm appears broken. Flounder is the best looking character in the painting, but that doesn't say much. Everyone can't be an artist and the painter of this artwork is one of those people.

Minnie, Ariel, Pluto, Mickey-Disney Full Body Painting

14.Mickey Film strip

A cascading film strip on the female form. This body painting pays homage to vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons. The painter's use of white and black shades, coupled with various shadows helps in concealing the lower region of the woman. The images are picture perfect that you forget it's not on an actual canvas. -

Mickey Film strip-Disney Full Body Painting

15.Snow White Evil Queen

The Evil Queen and all of her demons come to life in this body painting. The cool thing about this is that much like in the cartoon, the Evil Queen is holding on to the secret that she's the witch that cursed Snow White. The only confusing part is that the witch is holding a skull instead of the apple. The painter's placement of the witch's face and the skull is perfect, as to not disclose the chest of the female model. -

Snow White Evil Queen-Disney Full Body Painting

16.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This ode to snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is beautiful! The painting encompasses almost every main component that made the movie the classic it is. The only thing missing is the poisonous apple, which should have been somewhere in the middle of the painting. As a whole, the artist did a great job of making Snow White the main attraction.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Disney Full Body Painting



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