Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:00 pm
By:Tony Williams


This guy does indeed have a number of different companies tattooed on his head, but at least he has a variety of them on there rather than just one company as some people may see that as being a bit boring. However, he has focused mainly on the logo itself, but at least you know he likes McDonalds.

Multi-Board-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

2.TV show

This one is different in that it advertises a TV show that is all about the world of tattoos, so at least with this you kind of see the sense of having one done. The work that has gone into it is really first class, but you do hope that they do not change the slot or your tattoo is then kind of going to look a bit silly.

TV show-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

3.Just words

This tattoo is very simple and it gets straight to the point, but even with that there is nothing that inspiring about it. Yes it does show an advert for a website and yes it does mean that the person has probably sold that space to the company, but it looks too plain as the writing is flat and in all honesty a bit more work should have been done on it at the outset.

Just words-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos


Yes this guy does have two different Internet companies on his arms and yes he did sell the space to the companies in question. The guy in the photograph also changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom and you do wonder what it is about that hosting company that makes people do crazy things like that?

Nutriadvice.com-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos


The thing about this tattoo is that it is actually very well done because the bull logo and even the writing is crisp and it really does stand out. However, it is still the case that this is a tattoo advertising a company that has been put on the skin of a human being and for most people this will always remain strange no matter how good the artwork actually is.

BullyVille-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

6.Golden Palace

This woman was actually paid $10k by the company in question to have this done, but she has since covered it up in order to stop walking around with golden palace written on her forehead. You wonder if the company thought she was joking when she said she would do it, but there is no doubt that they managed to get a lot of advertising out of it, so ultimately they won.

Golden Palace-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

7.CI Host

As you can see this is another tattoo focusing on a web hosting company and you just hope that they have not built up a bad reputation or this guy is going to run into a whole host of problems. The only good thing is that he could grow his hair in order to cover it, but he better pray he does not end up bald later on in life.

CI Host-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

8.Air New Zealand

This guy does indeed have a message on the back of his head advertising Air New Zealand and you wonder what the airline thinks about it. You have to admire them for going ahead not only with a website link, but also the full message as that is taking things to a new level when it comes to tattoo advertising.

Air New Zealand-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos


This tattoo showing Google is included mainly because it was done by the actual person themselves apparently and they have actually done quite a good job even though it is a silly thing to have tattooed on your body. You do have to question why they would select Google in the first place, but then if you are crazy enough to then get a tattoo of them, then we should perhaps not know the answer to the first question.

Google-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos

10.Grown Up Geek

Yes this tattoo was not quite finished at the time this photograph was taken, but it still shows you how big it is going to be and you can imagine how the finished article would appear. This is quite a major piece of advertising on a person when you stop and think about it and once again what happens if they suddenly do not like the service they received from them?

Grown Up Geek-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos


This is a guy who actually sold advertising space on his face and then had them tattooed on without too much thought about how he would actually look. You only have to see the kinds of companies that took him up on this offer to see the market he was targeting, but even with that there has to be a limit as to what you will do for money and this seems to have gone a step too far.

Faceboard-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos


OK so Hostgator is one of the biggest hosting companies in the world, but why would you go ahead and get them tattooed on the back of your neck? This really does not make much sense at all, even though it is very well done, because what happens if you fall out with them over something? Sometimes you need to think a tattoo through before having it done.

Hostgator-Disgusting Advertisement Tattoos



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