Creepiest Dolls Ever

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:44 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Soul Stealer

If this doll could talk, would you want to hear what it had to say? Looking as if it is staring directly into your soul, piercing it with its eyes, and tell you a tale that is too horrible to utter out loud. Sinister in every sense of the word, this doll is one of the creepiest you will find on a shelf.

Soul Stealer-Creepiest Dolls Ever

2.Two Heads Are Better Than One

This doll captures the idea of the good and evil twin. But on the same doll? A two headed creepy toy that has a wicked and deformed head on one side. Waht is the purpose of the doll? Is it to support cojoined twins, or those that have an evil twin, or those who just love creepy dolls?

Two Heads Are Better Than One-Creepiest Dolls Ever

3.Cry Baby

There is nothing about this doll that jumps out as scary right away. She does not have cracks, and holes and devil horns. But look closer at the eyes, and the eyelashes and the creep factor rises. The pouty mouth and tears tell a story of woe, and the eyes bring you right in to whatever deep and dark happenings occurred.

Cry Baby-Creepiest Dolls Ever

4.Eye Bulge

This creepy doll was created as part of a series of dolls that are based on real life medical conditions. Maybe this doll at a hyperactive thyroid which causes the eyes to bulge. According to the artist, the dolls were made in honor of those born different and in hopes of helping people to appreciate the beauty in the strange and unfamiliar.

Eye Bulge-Creepiest Dolls Ever

5.Devil Baby

You may think all little babies have a devilish side, but this doll with horns would not be a great gift to give to a new mother for their baby. It looks as if it's foaming at the mouth too. Maybe a collectors item for those who are into the strange phenomena that creepy dolls provide.

Devil Baby-Creepiest Dolls Ever

6.Mom And Baby

One of the more grosser dolls for sure. This doll is part of a collection of dolls that show the human reproduction system. Her stomach comes apart and you can see he baby inside, and how it comes down the birth canal, and then as you see it here, with the baby out of the body and the umbilical cord still attached.

Mom And Baby-Creepiest Dolls Ever

7.King of Pop

This doll is creepy in so many ways, it's hard to list them all. Whether you're a Michael Jackson fan, or are of the opinion that he was a weird pedophile, this doll is just plain creepy. It does, however, embody the way Michael looked before his death. The porcelain skin, the sad eyes, and the pinched nose.

King of Pop-Creepiest Dolls Ever

8.Smash Mouth

Oh my, what have we got here? Even before her face cracked the mouth is just plain creepy. Whenever do you see a tongue on a doll? Not, typically, that's for sure. The eyes have a creep factor of 10, as they seem to follow you and have something to say. What it is they know is not something good, you can be sure of that.

Smash Mouth-Creepiest Dolls Ever


This doll is one of the scariest found. Looking like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, she is hardly a doll that any little girl would want to play with. More of a collectors item for those who are into the macabre, who like creepy dolls. The hollow eye sockets, gash in the head, and long, witchy hair make her a keeper if you like this sort of thing.

Exorcist-Creepiest Dolls Ever

10.Polly Anna

What happened to this doll. It's not just the crack on the face, but the black eyes and eyebrows make her beyond creepy. Where has this doll been and why is she so deranged looking? Was she ever intended for a little girl to play with, or was she made to scare?

Polly Anna-Creepiest Dolls Ever

11.Big Mouth

This is the weirdest and creepiest doll. The white face and spooky eyes are odd looking enough, but the mouth is what puts this doll over the top. The teeth look to be from a real human and the mouth seems to have been blown off. Creep factor of 10.

Big Mouth-Creepiest Dolls Ever

12.Doll And Machine

Created by artist Olivier Pauwels, this doll has an amputated leg with a prosthesis, a head with the top missing, prosthetic hands and some contraption to operate the chair via his head. This is just plain creepy and looks to be out of some horror movie, but is indeed a real doll.

Doll And Machine-Creepiest Dolls Ever



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