Creative Backpacks

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 12:19 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Laptop Backpack - BUILT

This rugged backpack looks more like a neoprene vest worn backwards, but it fits any laptop or tablet. Holding it firmly against your back, the slim and lightweight design is a great choice for hands free transportation of your most valuable devices. Comfortable and available in a variety of colors.

Laptop Backpack - BUILT-Creative Backpacks

2.Meiosis Backpack - Davidi Gilad

Made from geometric shapes with elastic fabrics, the Meiosis was designed by David Gilad. A great backpack to carry sports equipment as it stretches, yet maintains its shape. Lightweight, and durable, it looks more like a soccer ball than a backpack, but is highly effective in carrying your items.

Meiosis Backpack - Davidi Gilad-Creative Backpacks

3.Spike Backpack

This Spikepack backpack keeps people away with it's protective spikes. Just like a porcupine, you don't have to worry about anyone wanting to touch it, because the quills may stab them. Of course, it's all in fun, but scary looking nonetheless. Great for anyone wanting to be out of the ordinary.

Spike Backpack-Creative Backpacks

4.Umbrella Backpack

Got rain? No problem if you have this backpack. You've got an umbrella built right in, and what's even cooler, the umbrella is hands free. That means, you can do everything you need to do without fumbling with an umbrella in hand. A nifty way to navigate in the rain.

Umbrella Backpack-Creative Backpacks

5.Spiderman Backpack

This plush spiderman backpack is great for all ages, and even adults. With spidey protecting you as you walk, there is nothing in your backpack that anyone can get to without being tangled up in a web. Vibrant blue and red colors, with intricate detail, make this a great gift for any Spiderman fan.

Spiderman Backpack-Creative Backpacks

6.Guitar Backpack - Pratesi

Looking like a real guitar, down to the minute detail, this back pack has an inside audio amplifier that connects to your iPod so you can listen to music. A great way to carry any item on your back, while looking as if you are carrying a guitar. The perfect gift for a musician.

Guitar Backpack - Pratesi-Creative Backpacks

7.SEIL Backpack

With a detachable wireless controller, this backpack acts as a turn signal or emergency signal. With LED lights built right in, there is a right and left arrow, and the word STOP, that you control, and that lights up, letting traffic know which way you're going.

SEIL Backpack-Creative Backpacks

8.Yoda Backpack

It seems we can't get enough of Star Wars, and Yoda is an all time favorite. This plush backpack is great for any Star Wars fan, young or old. The old time Jedi is featured in detailed expression, with straps to go over your shoulder to carry with ease. Definitely not a boring old backpack.

Yoda Backpack-Creative Backpacks

9.Hi-Sun Backpack

The Hi-Sun backpack is actually a towel with iPod speakers built right in. When you take the backpack off and unroll it, there is a cushioned pillow area where the speakers sit on both sides of your head, while you lay out in the sun or just relax. Ready to leave? Throw it back over your shoulder and you're off.

Hi-Sun Backpack-Creative Backpacks

10.Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack

Another favorite from the Star Wars Franchise, this Darth Vader backpack is effective and cute. Who know that Darth was a lover, and gave out hugs. I don't think even Luke knew that, and he was his son. The black Jedi fits snuggly on your shoulders, looking as if you are giving him a piggy back ride.

Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack-Creative Backpacks

11.R2D2 Backpack - Bob Basset

One of the most lovable characters in the Star Wars trilogy, this R2D2 backpack captures the friendly robot in all its glory. Intricate design in this plush replica, fits securely on your shoulders, ready to carry anything and everything you need for your day. The only thing missing is C3PO.

R2D2 Backpack - Bob Basset-Creative Backpacks

12.Pangoline Backpack - Cyclus

Can you believe this backpack was once a truck tire? Well, it's true. Cyclus is a Columbian company that has created this Pangoline backpack, inspired by the Pangolin, an unusual mammal. Each section opens on its own accord, with separate compartments for whatever you want to carry.

Pangoline Backpack - Cyclus-Creative Backpacks



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