Crazy And Offensive Cakes

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:30 am
By:Tony Williams


On the opposite end of the spectrum. It looks like some had a baby by C-Section and someone else thought it would make for a great cake. Hey why not celebrate even the things that can be painful. It's a good thing that this woman didn't deliver [email protected] Can you imagine that cake?

C-Section-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

2.Happy Hysterectomy

Well, when life gives you lemons ... make cake. Apparently someone is getting a hysterectomy and they are also getting a cake. Too bad the person who made the cake didn't realize that a person going into surgery is usually fasting and cannot eat anything, even a delicious cake shaped like their uterus and ovaries.

Happy Hysterectomy-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

3.Mourning Your LIfe

Obviously someone thought that the birthday boy, or girl, was old enough to be dead. Probably some young whipper snapper who thinks thirty is old. Regardless, it's not as much offensive as it is crazy. No matter how old you are, you don't want to think about death on your birthday.

Mourning Your LIfe-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

4.Twin Towers

This has to be one of the most offensive cakes on the internet. A replica of the twin towers in New York City as the planes hit the buildings on 9/11. We have to wonder who would want such a cake, other than Osama Bin Laden, or his helpers.

Twin Towers-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

5.Cut The Fat

Is this cake someone's way of telling someone that they're too fat, or is this a replica of the fat that was removed in a tummy lift. Either way it is very offensive and hardly looks appetizing at all. And, it doesn't seem right that someone who is losing the fat would want to put it back on with cake.

Cut The Fat-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

6.The Crapper

This original cake is crass and offensive, right down to the little chocolate turds. It's funny, but would anyone really want to sink their teeth into a toilet bowl full of sweet poop? More of a joke cake than anything else, one would think, but depending on the crowd, it may have been quickly devoured.

The Crapper-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

7.Apology Not Accepted

There's no amount of sugar that could make this an easy pill to swallow. When someone sleeps with your mom they better run, not make a cake and announce it. What were they thinking? Trying to soften the blow maybe, thinking that they wouldn't get a punch in the face by someone with a mouthful of frosting.

Apology Not Accepted-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

8.The Godfather Cake

Maybe the recipient of this cake is going to be a new Godfather. Remember the scene with the severed horse head in the bed. It might be a way for someone to ask someone to be the Godfather of their child, or for a Godchild to honor their Godfather. Want one?

The Godfather Cake-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

9.Bleeding Anus

For what occasion this cake was given, we have no idea. Maybe someone had hemorrhoids or is just bleeding out of their bum, but is that really a reason for a celebratory cake? Maybe the cake will make the bleeding worse. Some people will go to any lengths with cake ideas.

Bleeding Anus-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

10.Happy Cold Sore

Is this a cake for someone who has a cold sore to make them feel better, or a cake to let someone know they will soon be getting a cold sore because you kissed them and have the virus? Either way, it's really in poor taste and very offensive. Who gets to eat the sore?

Happy Cold Sore-Crazy And Offensive Cakes

11.Stranded On An Island

This is a crazy wedding cake for a bride and groom who seem to want to be shipwrecked than spend any time with their wedding guests. However, what does it say about their union when the island is surrounded by man eating sharks. Is this how they feel by walking down the aisle?

Stranded On An Island-Crazy And Offensive Cakes



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