Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

Sunday, Jun 28, 2020, 7:55 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Razor Sharp Fashion

Thank goodness for airport security, when you realize the things that are being smuggled through Airports. This guy travelling to Chicago O'Hare Airport was busted carrying a razor blade in the seam of his jeans. What can we say? People are strange!

Razor Sharp Fashion-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

2.Comb Knife

Who knew that the person combing their hair innocently, could be wielding a deadly weapon. This comb was seized at Charleston International Airport. With knives concealed as lipsticks and combs multi-tasking as deadly weapons one can feel the paranoia growing by the minute!

Comb Knife-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

3.Peanut Butter

If you spot a guy travelling with peanut butter on your next flight, you probably going to realize he is a "smooth operator". Salt Lake City International Airport, confiscated jars of peanut butter filled with contraband. Apparently this is how drugs are often smuggled through airport security. 'Halt! The man with peanut butter!'

Peanut Butter-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

4.Marine Life

A TSA Officer at the Miami airport smelled something fishy when a passenger try to slip through security. In their bag was a massive list of marine life! This included coral pieces, 160 plus tropical fish, a dozen Trechemy Scripta, Scleactinina along with mushroom polyps. The slippery passenger was travelling to Venezuela. He was frogged marched to the charge office. Okay, maybe not frog marched, but that would have been apt.

Marine Life-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

5.Rare Birds

A TSA officer at Los Angeles airport found two rare birds taped to the leg and breast of a female hoping to smuggle the birds out of the country. The birds had been shoved into a sock then taped at each end. One hopes that when they transported this cruel woman out of the airport, she was also thrown into a sock and taped up.

Rare Birds-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security


If you have ever wondered how to smuggle turtles and snakes through airport security, here is a tip! A man, not unlike the one with the monkeys down his pants, was found with seven small snakes and three little turtles down his pants. How did he keep them there? Did they all just cling onto his hair legs for dear life? No way, this guy had it sussed. He wore women's nylon stockings a size smaller than he needed to keep them firmly planted against his legs. Now, that could have been a ticklish flight for him.

Turtles-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

7.Human Skull

Fort Lauderdale International airport came to a complete standstill as a human skull was discovered in some luggage. The skull had been accidentally bought by the passenger as part of some clay pots he'd purchased while away on holiday. The slow down at the airport was phenomenal as the site, which included the suitcase and passenger become a murder scene!

Human Skull-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

8.A Man with a Monkey in his Pants

A passenger flying to Indonesia was stopped initially due to security finding 50 orchids packed in his luggage. Fifty is sure a lot of orchids, but things got more bizarre. When they were checking the 50 orchids two rare birds flew out of the case and flapped around the airport terminal madly. Then, things got worse! The guy had a monkey in his pants. Not that type of monkey but a real live breathing monkey, not one but two!

A Man with a Monkey in his Pants-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

9.Escaping Snake

If you thought the hitch-hiking snake on the Quanta's flight was bad, it gets even worse! A flight from India watched in horror as a snake, which clearly had escaped from hand-luggage wiggle and slide its way up and down the aisle! You have to realize that the passengers had no where to go, there was literally nowhere to run. Luck had it that the snake was more scared then they were and disappeared into an air vent never to be seen again. Possibly somewhere down on earth it rained snakes, or one single snake!

Escaping Snake-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security


If you are terrified of snakes you might think you are safe, up in a plane, in the clouds and far away from those pesky reptiles. The problem is, this is not so. Passengers on an Australian flight, air Quanta's, watched in horror as they saw a python hitch a ride on the wing of a plane.

Snakes-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

11.A Gun Packing Mickey

The sweet kid with his dad carrying a Mickey Mouse toy is okay on a flight, right? Wrong, a dangerous Mickey Mouse stuffed toy was revealed as when pulled apart at Providence TF Green Airport it was used to conceal a gun.

A Gun Packing Mickey-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

12.Ornate Swords

Ornate swords are beautiful, it is true. All that gorgeous carving and mix of wood and metal can be quite charming. This is why they often become collectable items. The problem is, they are not allowed through airports and on planes, which many people claim they do not know when they are caught with their collectable.

Ornate Swords-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

13.Batman Throwing Stars

The problem with movies, even movies like Batman, is that they inspire people to carry dangerous weapons on planes. A passenger was mimicking batman, he said, when he was caught at security with Throwing Stars.

Batman Throwing Stars-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security


A rusty old part of a bazooka was found in some luggage in Dallas. The problem is with all of these prohibited items, is not only the fact that they are dangerous, one asks why they were being transported, but also the delays they can cause. Clearly, any airports duty is to determine whether the device is explosive or not. So, delayed flights and messed up flight schedules always accompany any explosive confiscation.

Bazooka-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

15.Throwing Knives

Just when we thought flying was safer than driving, we hear that passengers carry things like throwing knives. So, what is a throwing knife? It is a super sharp device you can fling and wherever it lands it pretty much causes instant death. That means the owner does not even have to get their hands dirty. So what the heck was a passenger at Washington Airport, doing with them?

Throwing Knives-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security


A machete looks more at home in a horror movie than in the bag of a passenger taking a domestic flight. A machete was found at an airport in Denver, packed neatly away in the luggage of a guy who seemed to think that this was okay. Machete's are the weapons used to hack people to death. You can lop of a head with one swipe, chop of a hand with a light swirl and pretty much cause the grisly death of anyone you fancied with one of these.

Machete-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

17.Dagger Buckle

An airport in Houston recently reported finding a knife buckle. One click and the knife is free and with a long super sharp blade. This could do some serious damage.

Dagger Buckle-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

18.Deadly Hair-Dryers

Routinely, various cosmetics and appliances at airports turn out to be deadly dangerous weapons. Being a member of security staff at an airport could be hair raising stuff, if you consider this hair-dryer is in fact a dagger. Lipsticks and all sorts of innocuous items have turned out to be super dangerous devices that could wreck havoc on a flight.

Deadly Hair-Dryers-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

19.Wheel of Pain

Airport security deal with all sorts of weapons and oddities as part of their job, but finding The Wheel of Pain, must have been a real shock to the staff of the Newark Airport. This device is expected to be seen more in a Kung Fu type of movie, not the luggage of a regular plane passenger. It six razor sharp blades could cut your head off in one throw.

Wheel of Pain-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

20.Bond 007?

Nobody has ever warned us that the dodgy guy on any flight, the guy with the beady eyes and nervous energy could have this watch on. The watch when apart is harmless enough, but once assembled will blow the wings and tails apart of any flight. This type of watch tried to pass through security at Oakland Airport. The proud owner was an art collector and said that this was art.

Bond 007?-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

21.Cannon Ball Run

Fancy carrying a cannon ball through airport security? If you do decide to, do remember that a canon ball is one of the most explosive devices ever made. The cannon ball was covered in coral, since an archaeological diver had found it under the sea. The problem was he didn't realize in his extreme excitement that the cannon ball was volatile. Now that is damn scary! At least with this flight disappeared people would realize why, once it blew up of course.

Cannon Ball Run-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

22.Gun Sword

If the cane sword was not bad enough, consider finding the passenger on a flight next to you had a gun sword. At least with the knife sword you could put up a fight right? A similar revolver handled sword was confiscated at a Cleveland airport. Also, if you are considering getting one through airport security, don't lean to hard on it, you might lose a foot.

Gun Sword-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

23.Cane Sword

Watch out for the guy with the limp and the harmless cane. Some canes are really swords in disguise and the grinning wolf head, or other type, pulls out with a "swish" and turns into a deadly weapon. Imagine if the strange guy in aisle D had one, the one that was acting all weird the entire flight. A similar cane sword was found at Washington DC airport.

Cane Sword-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security

24.An AT4 Rocket Launcher

This baby packs a mean punch, it can wipe out an enemies bunker at 300 paces and yes, was found in someone luggage at Pittsburgh Airport in the US. So, big question is, would you like to travel on a plane packing this baby? It appears this particular flight did since it got through the first security check and the passenger boarded the plane. Scary stuff.

An AT4 Rocket Launcher-Craziest Things Found By Airport Security



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