Craziest Fountains Around The World

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3:47 pm
By:Tony Williams


Well is this really needed? Surely when they were thinking up a fountain they could come up with something a bit more special than this thing? Yes we all know that it does work, but come on is it not a bit of a cliche to say the least?

Erm?-Craziest Fountains Around The World

2.Umbrella fountain

This is where crazy fountains can actually work because who would have ever thought about a group of people huddled together under umbrellas would make a great fountain? This is a piece of art that you cannot help but admire.

Umbrella fountain-Craziest Fountains Around The World

3.Just why?

This is just strange. It is not as if the design itself is anything special, but there is no doubt that this woman is squeezing water out of her breasts and that in itself is just not right. You wonder who thought that this would be a great fountain for a public place, but then it will certainly stop people in their tracks.

Just why?-Craziest Fountains Around The World

4.Dog fountain

This is one of those sculptured fountains where you look at it and wonder what on earth is going on. The artist must have been having a crazy dream when they came up with this one and the fact that it was then made shows that when it comes to fountains we do get a bit caught up in them.

Dog fountain-Craziest Fountains Around The World

5.Moonlight fountain, South Korea

If you are ever in South Korea, then you do need to check out this bridge at night because is this not one of the most spectacular fountains, and the strangest, that you have ever seen? The light show that you get from it is outstanding and basically you will struggle to see something that size ever again.

Moonlight fountain, South Korea-Craziest Fountains Around The World


This is both cool and an optical illusion because you just look at it and wonder how it is suspended in mid air. There are some clever tricks going on here and there are several similar examples around the world and you can understand why because this is seriously cool.

Faucet-Craziest Fountains Around The World

7.Piano Fountain, Atlanta

This shows that you can actually be very creative when making a fountain and you do not have to be all over the top. This piano was certainly past its best, so it does make a rather cool fountain and when all of the lights are on it certainly takes it up another level in the world of design.

Piano Fountain, Atlanta-Craziest Fountains Around The World

8.Crown Fountain, Chicago

This may be a bit strange, but at the same time it is also quite cool to look at and you can understand why so many people are looking around at the fountain and taking photographs. It does certainly stand out all on its own and surely that is a good thing?

Crown Fountain, Chicago-Craziest Fountains Around The World

9.Puking fountains, London

This is seen as being a work of art, but whether you think it is really does come down to your own personal interpretation. The problem here is that it is quite in your face with the way that the fountain works and it would certainly put some people off ever liking fountains again.

Puking fountains, London-Craziest Fountains Around The World

10.Jeanneke Pis, Brussels

Whoever thought that this would be a good fountain needs to have somebody look at them and the way that their mind works. It is just seriously strange and in all honesty it is also a bit creepy with the pose and the water.

Jeanneke Pis, Brussels-Craziest Fountains Around The World

11.Swarovski Fountain, Austria

This is trying to take art to a new level and you have to say that it is completely bizarre and it is something that you would certainly stop and look twice at because your brain would not believe what was going on at the start. This thing is huge and it is certainly not pleasant on the eye.

Swarovski Fountain, Austria-Craziest Fountains Around The World

12.Fountain of Neptune, Bologna

Well what can you say about this fountain other than it is seriously bizarre? This has pride of place in Bologna and at first you may not catch on to what is actually happening, but as you can see here the water is coming out of a place that you would just not expect it to.

Fountain of Neptune, Bologna-Craziest Fountains Around The World



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