Craziest Bitcoin Stories

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:21 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Space payment

Virgin are setting up the first commercial space flights and they accept bitcoins for payment. It is crazy enough to think about going into space, but to then pay for it with a virtual currency that you never actually see...well that is just very strange.

Space payment-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

2.Paid in bitcoins

A police chief in the small town of Vicco, KY actually ended up agreeing to be paid in bitcoins with this being a first in the world never mind the country. It just comes across as a strange thing to do, but then he certainly saw a pretty impressive pay rise over the last year.

Paid in bitcoins-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

3.Bitcoins and cancer projects

This does indeed sound strange, but bitcoins have been used to help fund cancer projects, so at least there has been some good things to come out of it all. Of course if they had been clever and been able to predict the future they would have had even more money, but something is better than nothing.

Bitcoins and cancer projects-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

4.Lily Allen lost a fortune

A number of years ago the British popstar Lily Allen was offered payment for a gig in bitcoins. She was offered hundreds of thousands of them to do a live streamed gig and she told them she wasn't interested. That alone would have now made her super rich.

Lily Allen lost a fortune-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

5.A lost fortune

An IT worker disposed of his old hard drive before realizing that he had his bitcoins on there and that they were now lost forever. Do you want to know the worst part? They were worth in the region of $7.5 million when he threw it out.

A lost fortune-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

6.The tooth fairy

Some parents are getting quite clever now and they are actually using bitcoins when they are the tooth fairy. However, will the child actually understand the importance of a fraction of one bitcoin when they are sitting there with a tooth in their hand?

The tooth fairy-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

7.Begging to a new level

This actually shows somebody begging in the US who accepts bitcoins, but then how do they know that they have been sent and keep track of how much they have? It may be forward thinking, but something tells us that it is not quite as it seems.

Begging to a new level-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

8.A wedding present

A guy gave his wife to be some bitcoins as a wedding gift from him to her. She was of course very upset at being given some virtual currency, but her attitude changed when the value of it soared by 18 times what he paid giving her a major windfall to spend on herself.

A wedding present-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

9.Romantic weekend with bitcoin

A couple in the US set themselves the task of spending a romantic weekend at Valentines only going to businesses that accepted bitcoins. They managed to not only get somewhere to stay, but a limo, a meal, and coffee all without handing over any actual hard cash.

Romantic weekend with bitcoin-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

10.A bitcoin cab company

In Manchester, New Hampshire there was a cab company set up that allowed you to pay them in bit coins. At one point it was one of the hottest businesses out there and the guy behind it is certainly laughing all the way to the bank considering how much the rates climbed after setting it up.

A bitcoin cab company-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

11.We do not know who was behind it

Even though it has been one of the biggest crazes on the Internet in recent times we still do not really know who was behind it. There is the belief that it was a guy called Satoshi Nakamoto, but that is pretty much it.

We do not know who was behind it-Craziest Bitcoin Stories

12.Online assassination

Bitcoins have been huge news in the last year or so, but do you know that there is actually a website out there that used to allow people to donate bitcoins into a fund that could then be used to pay somebody to kill a famous person? How absolutely crazy is that??

Online assassination-Craziest Bitcoin Stories



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