Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 11:22 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Doggy Kitty

Sometimes a cat just wants to be a dog, but Kitty can't hide. We know that face anywhere, and that bow is a dead give away. She can pretend all she wants, stick her tongue out and even pant, but the tattoo wearer can never hide the fact that she will always be Hello Kitty.

Doggy Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

2.Hell Kitty

Hello Kitty drops the "o" and become Hell Kitty, turning bath time into death time. The wearer of this tattoo may not know Kitty too tell, as she doesn't really like destruction. Good for her that her red bow is still in one piece, or we would never recognize her like this.

Hell Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

3.British Kitty

Paying homage to the mother land, Kitty is decked out in her British flag tank top. But wait, wait just a second. Is she giving the middle finger. If she is, is she giving it to us from England, or to England from the person wearing the tattoo. Such a conundrum for such a simple little kitty.

British Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

4.Nerdy Tattoo

Hello Kitty hits the books. The nerdy look is great on her and the simple tattoo sends the intended message, geeky is sexy. Even Kitty knows that men love a pretty face in glasses. Great black line work in this tattoo make it really pop, and the closed eyes seal the deal.

Nerdy Tattoo-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

5.Ninja Kitty

A very cute rendition of the feisty feline. Dressed as a teenaged mutant ninja turtle, Kitty still keeps it cute with her red hair bow. The orange mask is still feminine making this tattoo a great take on the cartoon franchise mix. Great line work and color give it lots of depth.

Ninja Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

6.Sushi Kitty

Tattooed sushi is a fun way to dress up a dish, but one can't help but think that this kitty that smells like fish is no kitty we want to eat. Cute to look at, pink and pretty, it's worth more of a chuckle than a taste. Hello Kitty might object to being objectified in such a way.

Sushi Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

7.Dominatress Kitty

Talk about a dirty Kitty. This tattoo has Kitty all dressed in latex and ready to dominate. Be careful, a kitten with a whip, can be one force to be reckoned with, but if you want to get into the ring it could be the time of your life. Tread with caution.

Dominatress Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

8.Cross Bones Kitty

This Kitty is deadly. With cross bones beneath her face, she looks like she should be on a bottle of poison, and maybe that's what the wearer of this tattoo intended. This black and white tattoo has only the bow to soften the blow, but I'd stay clear of this meaning.

Cross Bones Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

9.Devil Kitty

As sweet as Kitty looks, there is a devilish side to this rendition. Complete with horns, wings and a tail, she can't help but look cute. Maybe the wearer is just as complex. Sweet on the outside, but a little devil on the inside. As long as it's pink and purple, it can't be all that bad.

Devil Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

10.Army Kitty

Kitty goes to the army, hello. Yep, this tattooee chose to give the beloved feline a machine gun, camos and headgear, complete with separate pieces for the ears. What is the kitty fighting? The government, world peace, hunger? Maybe all of the above, or maybe none of it, in a rebel without a cause sort of way.

Army Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

11.Glam Kitty

This person glammed up the kitty with lipstick, jewelry and a designer handbag. The kitty is stylin' more than the tattooed back, with all the birth marks, freckles and red skin. Kitty deserves a better location to strut her stuff, maybe the arm or leg would be better suited for such an artistic piece.

Glam Kitty-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos

12.Kitty The Boxer

Hello Kitty has quite the following, and die hard fans want the lovable kitty with them permanently. Some even come up with their own themes to give the feline a personality change, personalized just for them. In this case kitty got boxing gloves. A tough kitty with a mean punch seems to suit this person showing it off at the table.

Kitty The Boxer-Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos



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