Coolest Nail Clippers

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 10:20 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Baby Nails

When cutting other peoples nails it can be a nervous event. Particularly for babies and the elderly. This nifty pair of nail clippers ensures that no mistakes can be made.

Baby Nails-Coolest Nail Clippers

2.Clapping Silver Hands

If it is pizzazz you are after, these funky hand clap nail clippers are the deal. They are cool, but most importantly they work and at least they do not look too outrageous in any way.

Clapping Silver Hands-Coolest Nail Clippers

3.Perfect Design

This mean machine nail clipper has a nicely shaped head to curve around your nails and a soft press body to cut off the nail. This may be a bit fancier than you are used to, but at least the design is cool.

Perfect Design-Coolest Nail Clippers

4.Cute Little Fish

These little fish make awesome nail clippers. In great patterns colors and designs, so at least there are options available and they just add a bit of fun to cutting nails.

Cute Little Fish-Coolest Nail Clippers

5.Cats Claws

Perhaps people do not know that buying cats nail clippers are as easy as buying human nail clippers. They may not be all fancy, but it is cool to think that there are actually clippers specifically for animals.

Cats Claws-Coolest Nail Clippers

6.Sleek Car

If you are looking for something a little more swish this car nail clipper is definitely for you. Sleek design and nice easy handle and ideal for a car lover as a present.

Sleek Car-Coolest Nail Clippers

7.A Pre-requisite

All key-rings should come complete with nail clippers! What could be more handy? This one shows off your favorite country too and there are a number of options available to you.

A Pre-requisite-Coolest Nail Clippers


Mini-trainers and nail clippers, it's a fair bet you will have never put those two words together. In days gone by cutting ones nails was an arduous task, now it can be fun!

Funky-Coolest Nail Clippers

9.Little Semi-Nude Nail Clippers

These cute little Japanese figurines makes the sweetest little nail clippers. Handy to have and nice to look at, but perhaps not best to use when cutting the nails of any children.

Little Semi-Nude Nail Clippers-Coolest Nail Clippers

10.Nom Nom

These cute but sturdy little beasts will chew off your finger nail in no time. Somehow nail cutting got a little less mundane with these cheerful additions and they will certainly make you feel a bit better about cutting your nails.

Nom Nom-Coolest Nail Clippers

11.Very Helpful

This nail clipper will certainly remove any issues like bad backs, being obese or being disabled when clipping your nails. The very long handles ensure that your toes are easy to reach.

Very Helpful-Coolest Nail Clippers

12.The Busy Bee Clippers

Nail clippers for the busy bee! Both attractive, fun and colorful this little nail clipper will also put a smile on your face. Imagine cutting your child's nails with this cute little guy.

The Busy Bee Clippers-Coolest Nail Clippers



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