Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

Sunday, Dec 15, 2013, 3:41 pm

1.Space Well Utilized

An office cubicle complete with outside terrace. It might seem quite large, when in fact this well designed office cubicle is very compact and small. This type of design really signals the end of the basic office cubicle and gives companies something to think about in terms of office space.

Space Well Utilized-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

2.Army Bunk

Perhaps give your workers the foundations and tell them to decorate it themselves? This plain cubicle has been made to look like an army bunk of sorts. The occupier probably loves it. This can create not only a fun work environment but also a huge creative aspect too.

Army Bunk-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

3.Fantasy Offices

Office cubicles are an inexpensive way to create a world beyond a simple work-space. These charming carriages sitting on a white snowy mountain top really give workers a feel of being anywhere but at work.

Fantasy Offices-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

4.Warm and Inviting

Cubicles can also centre around a theme, this well planned and executed idea includes wood and foliage as part of its design thus giving employers the feeling of warmth and easy design.

Warm and Inviting-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

5.Great Space Ideas

Who said cubicles had to be fitted onto the floor and be square? They can in fact be round! This luxury cubicle is mounted on the ceiling which also leaves the floor space clear, so there is a double space-saving feature at work.

Great Space Ideas-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

6.Home From Home

Some office workers are just worth it. These days there are very few corner offices so why not offer them the chance to personalize their own work-space? This happy employee seems to like a home-from-home feel to their office.

Home From Home-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

7.The hive

Employers like to think their workers are busy and bee's. If they are not perhaps a little inspiration is at hand? These cone like structures are warm and inviting and can translate into a little lounge, a meeting room or a desk work-space.

The hive-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

8.The Office

Why worry about office space and space-saving when your whole office can in fact be a cubicle? Place it in a gorgeous natural setting and you probably have some prime space at hand too.

The Office-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

9.Out-Door Inspirations

Some office cubicles can be a pleasure to behold. Even this simple one with its square design. A carpet, not unlike grass has been added and clever lighting and green furniture almost give you the feel that you are in fact out outside.

Out-Door Inspirations-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

10.Clever Design

A clever design to afford the occupant in this office not only a quiet work-space but also the opportunity to open up and let some air in. Simplistic yet comprehensive in plan the best of both worlds is seen in modern office space-saving.

Clever Design-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

11.Space Age

This glass-like cubicle offers privacy and a modern space-age feel. There are nifty shelves at the back to accommodate filing and a great workspace in the front to contain one's computer.

Space Age-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces


For those that hanker after days gone by, this traditional cubicle could really be what you are looking for. Wood paneling, soft rug and ornate desk certainly move one away from the hard lines of office cubicle spaces.

Traditionalists-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

13.Innovative Ideas

While open-space and cubicles were a corporate designers dream in terms of space- saving, employees hated the idea. Most of the complaints centered around a lack of privacy. These perplex-glass bubbles offer more space-saving and a little more privacy for sound and noise. The curvy design and flowing lines help move one away from cubicle monotony.

Innovative Ideas-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces

14.A Whole New Slant On Office Meetings

If you enjoy the 'warm, fuzzies' this meeting cubicle built for offices might just be the deal for you. Based on and inspired by Studio 53 the Manhattan Disco, this idea was bought almost immediately by a corporate shopper. It sure beats boardroom blues and could lead to some great deals being signed. Perhaps this is the new meeting room of the century?

A Whole New Slant On Office Meetings-Coolest Cubicles And Work Spaces



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