Coolest Conspiracy Theories

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:36 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Plastic coffins in Atlanta

There are a huge number of plastic containers outside Atlanta and some people claim that they are plastic coffins for concentration camps in the US. Apparently, the government are killing millions of Americans and buying them in these coffins and it is all an attempt to create a police state.

Plastic coffins in Atlanta-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

2.The KFC theory

There was a conspiracy theory about KFC and in particular that the Colonel was in the KKK and the spices were a special blend that would make African American men infertile. People still believe this as the spice recipe is a secret, so they state that they are clearly hiding something.

The KFC theory-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

3.Stephen King killed John Lennon

We all know that Mark Chapman killed John Lennon, but some people believe that this was not the case and instead it was the author Stephen King. They argue that Mark was just used as he looks a bit like King and that he even used coded messages to predict what he was going to do in advance of the actual act.

Stephen King killed John Lennon-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

4.JFK was killed by men dressed as homosexuals

There are so many conspiracy theories about JFK, but one of the funniest is that the FBI sent guys in plain clothes to kill him, but they then changed into bright clothes to make sure people thought they were gay so they could get away with it. Surely people would notice them turning from plain into flamboyant?

JFK was killed by men dressed as homosexuals-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

5.The use of autotune

Apparently the use of autotune is intended to prepare us for when we are turned into robots. This is all part of the Illuminate and their desire to control us, but it just sounds so crazy it is not funny at all.

The use of autotune-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

6.Royal Family are reptiles

Somebody that used to work with Princess Diana claims that she told her that the Royal family were made up of reptiles that came from a distant galaxy. It is surprising how many people believe that we are controlled by reptiles in general.

Royal Family are reptiles-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

7.Electronic banking

Some people believe that using credit cards or online transactions are part of a conspiracy by people to take over the world and cause chaos. They say that when cash is not used they will trigger a crash in order to create absolute panic in people and cause major meltdown in the world.

Electronic banking-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

8.Nazis and aliens

How about this for wacky? Some people believe that there was a conspiracy between Nazis and aliens and that they made UFO's together. All of this happened in Antarctica, so if it was not strange enough, then it has just got a whole lot weirder.

Nazis and aliens-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

9.The Philadelphia Experiment

This was something that happened in 1943 and apparently the US government managed to make an entire ship invisible. However, something went wrong and the ship traveled through space and time leading to some sailors being injured as they were wrapped around the infrastructure of the ship.

The Philadelphia Experiment-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

10.Tupac is still alive

There are people that believe that Tupac faked his own death because he wanted to live in a small town in the US and not be bothered by anybody. Quite why a famous rapper would then want to go and do that is a mystery, but not as mysterious as how people managed to come up with the theory in the first place.

Tupac is still alive-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

11.We are only a simulation

Some people believe that we are all just a simulation and that life is a game controlled by real humans while we are all fake. Yes that is as difficult to get your head around as you think and that is just a brief summary of what they believe.

We are only a simulation-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

12.US Air Force and chemicals

There is a theory out there that the US Air Force routinely sprays the public with some kind if mysterious chemical. The idea is that they will make them dumber than they were before and, therefore, easier to control.

US Air Force and chemicals-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

13.Beyonce and the Illuminate

There is a theory that Beyonce is actually in the Illuminate and indeed most of the pop world appears to be members. This all comes from them making a few signals with their hands and apparently that is enough to justify them being members.

Beyonce and the Illuminate-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

14.JFK and his brain

There is a theory that the brain of JFK was removed at his autopsy and has been hidden away. The reason for this it that they claim it would show he was shot from the front and not the back, but surely the bullet hole in his actual head would have showed that as well?

JFK and his brain-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

15.The NBA conspiracy

Some people believe that even the NBA are guilty of underhand things and in particular the 1985 draft. They argue that they made sure that he went to the Knicks by putting their envelope in a freezer so it was cold and could be picked out. All of this just to make sure that they could maybe improve as a team.

The NBA conspiracy-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

16.Fluoride in the water

There is the idea that fluoride in the water would lead to better teeth, but that is not good enough for people that love a good conspiracy theory. Instead, they prefer to see it as an attempt by the New World Order to take over the world by using it to poison us and take control of our minds.

Fluoride in the water-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

17.Digital TV

There is a conspiracy theory all about digital TV and in particular that every set has a microphone and camera installed in it so the authorities can keep an eye on you. How they manage to get this all arranged is anybody's guess.

Digital TV-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

18.Paul McCartney

There was a theory that Paul had died in a car accident in 1966, but the Beatles hired somebody that looked and sounded like him to make sure that the band could carry on. They do still believe that he died and that even the guy we still see performing now is not the real Paul.

Paul McCartney-Coolest Conspiracy Theories


The founder of Scientology believed that psychiatry was part of a big worldwide conspiracy to control the mind of different people and in particular those people that followed his religion. He stated that it came from Nazi Germany and even Tom Cruise has decided to comment on it.

Psychiatrists-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

20.Katrina theory

This is not so much a cool theory, but a crazy conspiracy theory because some people claim that when hurricane Katrina hit that the government allowed certain areas to be flooded because they were full of poor black people. How mad is it to even think that this could be the case?

Katrina theory-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

21.The Mars theory

There is a theory that Mars is actually inhabited and people that believe this story say that images taken in the 70s were covered up. They state that, in their mind, there are pyramids on there and that it shows aliens built the pyramids here as well.

The Mars theory-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

22.Madness on a blog

The shooting at Sandy Hook was tragic with so many young kids being killed by a lone gunman, but a guy in Florida even tried to claim that this was all a conspiracy. In his mind it never happened and it was all staged so that the government could make changes to the gun law.

Madness on a blog-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

23.Origin of AIDS

There is a theory that the CIA were responsible for creating AIDS and that they did so because they wanted to kill all gay people as well as every African American. That is one crazy theory to have, but even Kanye West appears to be making comments on it as well, so that just makes it even crazier.

Origin of AIDS-Coolest Conspiracy Theories

24.Princess Di

As soon as she died the conspiracy theories started to appear and they are still going on today more than 15 years after her death. Everybody has been blamed, but perhaps the coolest theory is that Prince Phillip was involved in ordering it.

Princess Di-Coolest Conspiracy Theories



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