Coolest USB Accessories

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020, 10:06 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Thanko USB Heated Slippers

These new and improved version of Thanko's original heated slipper just hit the scene. The new slippers are heated via USB, but also have a battery so you can disconnect from he computer and roam the house. Comfy and warm at the same time, a fun way to stay toasty this winter.

Thanko USB Heated Slippers-Coolest USB Accessories

2.USB Beanzawave Microwave oven

Heinz has teamed up with Gamma to use phone radio frequencies in a mini microwave oven. Great for people who eat at their desks and don't want to venture to the corporate kitchen and wait for their food to cook. Great for leftovers and soups. As long as you have a USB port, you have lunch.

USB Beanzawave Microwave oven-Coolest USB Accessories

3.Bayer Contour USB Glucometer

It's all computerized these days. This Bayer Contour USB Glucometer wirelessly transmits blood glucose tests directly to your compatible Medtronic insulin pump. Allows you test twice without wasting a strip, and connects directly to your computer for instant results. Accurate glucose readings, even on low levels, in just 5 seconds.

Bayer Contour USB Glucometer-Coolest USB Accessories

4.USB Message In A Bottle

A modern twist on the message in a bottle, this USB Message In A Bottle contains a 4GB USB flash drive. A great bottle to have if you ever end up stranded on an island, but hopefully you won't be. Just more a fun way to store your flash drive and keep all your valuable information in a safe place.

USB Message In A Bottle-Coolest USB Accessories

5.Mini Android USB Humidifier

The heat feels great on a cold day, but it can also dry out your sinuses, eyes and skin. Air conditioners can do the same thing. So how do you counteract it? With the USB Mini Android Humidifier. It's small, it's cute, and more importantly it adds humidity to indoor air.

Mini Android USB Humidifier-Coolest USB Accessories

6.Slighter Rechargeable Lighter

Capable of lighting up to 150 cigarettes on one USB charge. The new lighter that doesn't use gas or butane, but rather the power of your computer. This sleek and lightweight electric lighter is easy to use, lasts as long as you keep charging it, which compared to other lighters is a lifetime.

Slighter Rechargeable Lighter-Coolest USB Accessories

7.Jumpshot USB Drive

Officer Pete, Sir Jeffrey and Kobayashi are all here to help fix your computer in a jiffy. Just plug one into your USB drive and it will walk you through fixing your computer so you are not stuck on some tech support line listening to some awful background music, while you are tenth in line.

Jumpshot USB Drive-Coolest USB Accessories

8.Astronaut USB Light

The USB Astronight floats around in the space above your laptop, lighting up your keyboard and whatever it is that you need to see. You can adjust him anyway you want to illuminate papers that you are typing, or a keyboard that doesn't light up, or even just to read near your computer.

Astronaut USB Light-Coolest USB Accessories

9.Care USB Medical Bracelet

A new take on the medical alert bracelet. This USB Powered Medical Bracelet contains your medical history right on your wrist, available when you need it most. Emergency responders will know right away what medications you are taking, which you are allergic to, and what existing medical conditions you have.

Care USB Medical Bracelet-Coolest USB Accessories

10.Scent Scape Smell-O-Vision

Ever go to the movies and feel so engrossed that you feel like you're actually there? Well, what if you could smell that cup of coffee they're drinking, or the scent of flowers as they stand outside, or even the sound of the rain as it falls in a dark alley? Wouldn't that really pull you in?

Scent Scape Smell-O-Vision-Coolest USB Accessories

11.Thank USB Necktie Clip Cooler

You'll be thanking Thanko for their USB Powered Necktie Clip Cooler. Made in Japan, you clip the 28 gram device onto your tie and you can keep your cool in even the most heated debates. Dressed in a suit on a hot day, make sure to clip on your necktie cooler, and beat the heat.

Thank USB Necktie Clip Cooler-Coolest USB Accessories

12.Sonic Alert Sonic Connect 2

The Sonic Connect 2 by Sonic Alert is a great little device that alerts whenever any of your programs receive a message. This way you don't have to be tied to your computer. Got an email, or a Skype message, you'll know it without having to be in front of your computer, or without your laptop having to even be open.

Sonic Alert Sonic Connect 2-Coolest USB Accessories

13.HAPIfork USB Powered Fork

This USB powered fork can track how fast you eat, to help you to slow down the process. Statistics show that it takes time for your stomach to register that it's getting full to your brain. So if you eat fast you consume a lot more calories before your realize you've eaten too much.

HAPIfork USB Powered Fork-Coolest USB Accessories



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