Coolest Refrigerators

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:28 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Stackable Fridge

The Stackable fridge was designed by Stefan Buchberger in 2009. If you rather have your own fridge space, then this is exactly what you're looking for. It allows each person in the home to have their own refrigerator space.The refrigerator contains a base station and up to four stackable fridge modules. Each module can be modified with various skins. This is the perfect fridge for a dorm room or for roommates.

Stackable Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

2.Luxury Italian Meneghini Refrigerator

The Luxury Italian Meneghini fridge is a vintage appliance that comes in over 500 vibrant colors. The refrigerator keeps food cold; no matter what the temperature is outside. The Italian Meneghini refrigerator comes with glass shelving. Clawfoot legs and brass handles. Depending on the style, the Luxury Italian Meneghini fridge can cost as low as $3,000 and as much as $30,000.

Luxury Italian Meneghini Refrigerator-Coolest Refrigerators

3.Samsung Zipel E-diary Refrigerator

The Samsung Zipel E-diary Refrigerator gives you news and keeps your food fresh. The fridge comes with Wi-Fi and a 10" touchscreen display that allows owners to view the weather forecast and check for news updates. The Zipel comes in several models, and has a 25 ft^3 capacity. The Samsung Zipel e-diary fridge costs around $2,170.

Samsung Zipel E-diary Refrigerator-Coolest Refrigerators

4.Beer Fridge

This Beer Fridge with a Tap is the ideal appliance for Frat boys. The refrigerator holds food just like any other fridge on the market. The major difference is that this specific fridge has a tap on the outside for beer. If a Frat house purchased this fridge, they would probably just use it for the tap outside and forget about buying food entirely.

Beer Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

5.Transparent Fridge

Some refrigerators have a see-through window in the front so owners can view their food before opening the appliance. Someone decided to expand on that idea by creating a transparent fridge. Instead of just seeing the items directly in front, with this fridge, the owner will be able to see every single item inside even before their fingers touch the handle.

Transparent Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

6.Tool Box Fridge

This Tool Box Fridge is one of the coolest appliances a man could ever own. The outside looks just like a regular tool box, but once you open it there's ample room to store food. This would be a great fridge to put in the basement, garage or attic. This Tool Box appliance will fool your friends and children, which means more food for you and no grubby hands, will be inclined to raid your fridge.

Tool Box Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

7.USB Fridge

The USB Fridge has made yet another way for people to exercise their laziness when using a computer. This awesome invention is a super-mini fridge that plugs right into your computer's USB port. This fridge holds one 12 ounce can, which is lit from the blue LED inside the fridge. The fridge's built-in cooling plate drops to its lowest operating temperature in just five minutes after being plugged in.

USB Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

8.Armrest Fridge

Every vehicle around the world should come with a refrigerator like the one in the Ford Flex. This convenient cooler was built in the 2009 edition of the full-size crossover utility vehicle(CUV). This exclusive "mini-fridge" refrigerator can be found in the middle console mounted between the second-row seats. Having a fridge built into your car is a wonderful idea, especially during the summer months when the climate is hot and you need something cold to drink.

Armrest Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

9.Soft Collapsing Fridge

The Electrolux Collapsing Soft-Refrigerator is the technology of the future. This concept works by making use of a heat-insulating membrane and modular vented shelving.This means that the fridge collapses and its size adjusts based on the amount of food that the user needs to refrigerate. This fridge is merely a concept, but how great would it be to save on some kitchen space with an invention like this.

Soft Collapsing Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

10.Google Egg Fridge

This is a fridge to get egg-cited about. The Egg Google fridge is small, but makes a statement. The fridge only has two shelves - the bottom shelf can only hold up to a six-pack of soda and the top shelf can hold a few small items. This Google fridge isn't readily available on the market, but if it were it would be egg-traordinary.

Google Egg Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

11.R2-D2 Fridge

R2-D2 isn't just an annoying robot from Star Wars, now he's an actual refrigerator. This fridge is perfect for a bachelor pad, or for someone living in a small space. The outer shell does make the fridge larger than it is, but at the same time the fridge wouldn't look as cool without all the extra designs. With any luck, this fridge doesn't make that annoying computerized sound like the real R2-D2.

R2-D2 Fridge-Coolest Refrigerators

12.Zero Energy Bio Refrigerator

The Bio Robot Refrigerator is one of the most innovative household appliances around. The fridge can be mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the ceiling. Unlike most fridges, the Bio does not have a motor or other traditional technology. The fridge was created byRussian designer Yuriy Dmitriev. The fridge is considered a gel-filled appliance of the future, as ituses a special gel-like substance that suspends and cools food once inserted.

Zero Energy Bio Refrigerator-Coolest Refrigerators



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