Coolest Bookshelves

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 3:33 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Piano Bookshelf

If you don't see a bookshelf you like, try being innovative and creating your own. If this bookshelf looks like parts of a piano, that's because it is. Someone mounted the top half of an old piano on their wall and used it as a bookshelf. The shelf isn't great to look at, but it's extremely creative.

Piano Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

2.Chair in a Bookshelf

You won't have to go far to find a comfy seat to read your latest novel. With this furniture item in your home, you have no excuse not to read more. The chair isn't for the tall people of the world, but they can always sit with their legs folded underneath them.

Chair in a Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

3.Thought Bubble Bookshelf

Books can evoke several thoughts, so why not get a bookshelf in the shape of a Thought Bubble. This shelving is so eye-catching that you don't even need to place books inside it to get a reaction from friends. The little bubbles are useless when it comes to positioning books, but they do add some balance to the design.

Thought Bubble Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves


4.Read Me Bookshelf

Some people purchases bookshelves for show or decoration. This bookshelf, however, is telling you exactly what's going to happen. If you think you're going to just put books on this shelf and never touch them ever again, you've got another thing coming. Just like the bookshelf implies, these books will be read.

Read Me Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

5.Round Bookshelf

It's not every day that you see someone standing inside their bookshelf. This one-of-a-kind bookshelf is circular and allows owners to stand inside it. Due to its shape, it makes you wonder how the bookshelf stays in one stable position. The design is so breath-taking that you almost forget that it's an actual bookshelf.

Round Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

6.READ Bookshelf

If you aren't sure what to do with a book, then just take a look at the word this bookshelf creates and you'll be just fine. This is the perfect bookshelf set for an avid reader. This shelving really keeps the books looking organized and neat. You may have a little trouble figuring out which of the slanted books you want to read, but the shelving's overall structure is cool!

READ Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

7.Mountain Bookshelf

This bookshelf will have both you and your kid climbing the walls. This isn't the safest piece of furniture in the world, but it looks like a lot of fun. The shelving is endless and positioned in a way where the owner has to use a harness in order to get to all the books.

Mountain Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

8.Seesaw Bookshelf

Parents always tell their kids not to play on the furniture, but that rule goes out the window when you have a piece like this one. This bookshelf is exactly like the playground favorite, the seesaw. Much like a real seesaw, the heavier the books, the more weighed-down that side will be.

Seesaw Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

9.Shelf with Light

This bookshelf is perfect for people who like to get a book to read late at night. The shelves' nonfigurative design doesn't leave much room for books, but your friends will definitely fall in love when they see this piece. Just make sure you don't place the books directly underneath the light, or else you'll be looking for a new home fairly soon.

Shelf with Light-Coolest Bookshelves

10.USA Bookshelf

You'll never run out of space with this bookshelf. Thanks to the 50 states in the USA, this bookshelf can showcase well over 70 books. Of course you're going to need an entire wall to mount this bookshelf, but that's beside the point. While the design is unique and fun, the books inside looks jumbled and mixed up. This bookshelf was designed by Ron Arad.

USA Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

11.Tardis Bookshelf

This fun and vintage-looking bookshelf resembles a telephone booth, but there is a greater meaning behind it. The bookshelf is actually modeled after the 10th Doctors Tardis from the British BBC America show, Doctor Who. The shelving even plays the theme music from Dr. Who when the doors are opened.

Tardis Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves

12.Tree Bookshelf

This abstract bookshelf brings a little piece of nature into your child's life. This shelf is more for show, as opposed to actually being a useful piece of furniture. The 'branches' on the tree are few, so you don't get to store many books. This is an eye-grabbing piece of furniture, and one of the most unique bookshelves on the market.

Tree Bookshelf-Coolest Bookshelves



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