Cool Piggy Banks

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:58 pm
By:Tony Williams


The blowfish is a unique fish in the ocean, and an even more unique bank. With big lips and popping eyes, this cute bank is sure to inspire savings. Deposit coins for a rainy day, laundry or parking, and add some fun to any room. I want to live, under the sea!

Blowfish-Cool Piggy Banks


Well this piggy looks a little mixed up. Is she a pig or a leopard? With the popularity of animal prints, maybe she just wants to be sexy. With long eyelashes and red lipstick, she's all girl ... and all about taking your money. To save that is! She's no greedy pig.

Roar-Cool Piggy Banks

3.Football Bank

One, two, hut! Aww, don't kick this cute little piggy. He may look like a football, but he's all bank. Great for any football lover's room. No one can resist a pig who saves money. His round belly will gobble up your coins, saving them for a rainy day ... or a fun tailgate party.

Football Bank-Cool Piggy Banks

4.Cupcake Delight

Almost good enough to eat ... but don't!. This cute cupcake bank, resembles a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting, complete with sprinkles, but believe it or not, is made of glass. A fun way to save money with none of the sugar guilt or weight gain. Saving money, losing weight? Sounds great!

Cupcake Delight-Cool Piggy Banks

5.Buzz Light Year

Who can resist Buzz Light Year? Any little toy story fan will love his, or her, first bank. A great way to add up an allowance. Buzz is competitive though, and thinks he is a better banking option than Woody. What he doesn't know is that the more money you deposit, the less chance he can lift off!

Buzz Light Year-Cool Piggy Banks

6.Bus Bank

Cool, dude, check out my bank. Any surfer dude would love this cute little bank, complete with 60's style VW bus and surfboards on the roof. You can almost hear the surf and the seagulls as you accumulate spare change for the ultimate ride of you life. Hang ten!

Bus Bank-Cool Piggy Banks

7.Flower Kitty

Who's a pretty little piggy? This piggy bank is for sure! Hand painted with pastell flowers, a great bank for children and adults alike. Too cute to be considered just a bank, this piggy makes a great addition to any nicknack shelf. The perfect little piggy bank with some style.

Flower Kitty-Cool Piggy Banks

8.Butt Bank

A hilarious way to save money. Depositing coins in a butt crack that talks. It can't get any funnier than that. The best part is that it puts a smile on your face when you make a deposit. Anything that can make you laugh is worth its weight in gold ... or pennies, nickels and dimes!

Butt Bank-Cool Piggy Banks


What's better than your own R2D2 when it comes to savings. This lifelike robot is a great replica of the actual R2D2 from the movie, "Star Wars," and just as a cute. A fun way to deposit your pocket change, and save money for laundry, parking and more. Where's C3PO?

R2D2-Cool Piggy Banks

10.Plastic Porky Pig

This pig really isn't blue, he just looks that way, because he offers a great way to save money. With separate slots for saving, spending, donating and investing, you can divvy up where you deposit your coins. A fun little way to see how things stack up, and what's important to you.

Plastic Porky Pig-Cool Piggy Banks

11.Skeleton Twister A great

A great way to save money when a skeleton buries it in his vault. It actually makes you want to deposit those coins as he twists it open to make the drop. Looking like he was just dug up from the ground, he really has a lot of strength to inspire financial security.

Skeleton Twister A great-Cool Piggy Banks

12.Glass Piggy

Talk about a glass ceiling. This piggy bank is glass all around, so you can see just how full he gets. And the cut little wood cork for a nose and tail, makes him one cute little piggie. If we could see how much we ate would we really eat as much as we do? Oink, oink!

Glass Piggy-Cool Piggy Banks



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