Car Modification Fails

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 1:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mind blowing

Just what on earth is going on here? This is a car that just no longer makes any sense whatsoever no matter how you try to dress it up. The person has clearly spent a lot of time on this, but please somebody tell them that they wasted their time because this is modification gone mad.

Mind blowing-Car Modification Fails

2.Too square?

This car now looks as if you could cut yourself on the front of it because that is just far too square and blocky for it to make sense. It is clear that the person has just stuck things on as best they could, but surely somebody would have told them it was mad and got them to stop?

Too square?-Car Modification Fails


If you have had a crash and you need to replace your door make sure that you do indeed replace with a door and not with a sheet of metal. This just does not work on so many different levels that you wonder why they even bothered to get behind the wheel and drive.

Seriously?-Car Modification Fails

4.Just too much

The one thing that you have to say about this person is that they are certainly good with cardboard. They are the type of person that will dream big, but then they will be let down by the fact that it does actually look rubbish and horrible.

Just too much-Car Modification Fails

5.Wood doesn't count

If you cannot afford a spoiler do yourself a favor and just forget about it because you end up with something that looks like this. How on earth did they think that this would be a good idea? How could a wooden spoiler ever actually work as a concept?

Wood doesn't count-Car Modification Fails

6.Just why?

Well no wonder that this is seen as being a fail because there is just no other way of describing it. This is somebody that has taken a normal looking car and they have then just destroyed it in one easy move.

Just why?-Car Modification Fails


Underneath this massively altered car is a normal car and you can see it since it sticks out like a beacon. Just what is going on with that spoiler at the back? It cannot be for down force due to insane speeds that you can be sure of.

Spoilers-r-us-Car Modification Fails

8.Where's the wheel?

OK so you lose a wheel, but surely that is not going to be a big deal? Clearly it was for this person because they took the more difficult option of removing the wheel in its entirety and replacing it with this thing that looks like it has come off a shopping cart. Is that even safe?

Where's the wheel?-Car Modification Fails

9.A tractocar

Well what can you say about this picture? Yes you are looking at a combination of a car and a tractor and you have to wonder about the sanity of the person that thought this would be a good idea. There is just so much wrong here that it is difficult to know where to begin.

A tractocar-Car Modification Fails

10.How many exhausts?

So everybody knows that when it comes to car modifications that a lot of people do something to the exhaust, but surely this is taking things a bit too far? It is not just the fact that there are 8 of them on there, but it is the overall size of the things that is the most worrying part.

How many exhausts?-Car Modification Fails

11.Speakers gone mad

OK so you like your sound system, but is there any need to spend a lot of money to create something that looks like this? Surely this is just too many and you would feel like an absolute idiot for driving around in something that looks like this?

Speakers gone mad-Car Modification Fails


Well if you can afford to own a Mercedes, then surely you can do a bit better than sticking some cardboard on for the sake of modifications? This takes a nice looking car and makes it look very stupid indeed, so well done owner, just well done.

Cardboard?-Car Modification Fails



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