Biggest Philanthropist In The World

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 1:24 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Jon Huntsman

Jon has so far donated $1.2 billion to different projects, but the main focus has been on cancer research due to him having been diagnosed with prostate cancer himself. The money he has donated has been used to make different breakthroughs in the understanding of cancer and he has vowed to give away more of his wealth before he dies and expect him to do so.

Jon Huntsman-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

2.Michael Dell

Michael launched his own foundation in 1999 and since then has donated $1.2 billion to it. His main focus is on areas such as ways to improve the lives of those children that are born into a very poor background by way of offering scholarships to help them get a head start on life. Education really is a major event for him and he hopes it will improve the lives of many for some time to come.

Michael Dell-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

3.dietmar Hopp

dietmar has donated $1.25 billion to his own foundation and now this is one of the biggest private foundations in Europe. He focuses on the area where he grew up in Germany and has been responsible for projects such as youth sports, giving money to companies in the area to study cancer, and one of his major areas is studying illness and disease in children.

dietmar Hopp-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

4.Herbert & Marion Sandler

The Sandlers focus on areas such as public justice, civil liberties, and also medical research where they have been involved in a project that focuses on certain health issues that affect poorer people in general. This has resulted in them donating over $1.5 billion and this is all from 2006 when they sold their business and made a fortune.

Herbert & Marion Sandler-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

5.Li Ka-Shing

Li launched his own foundation in 1980 and since then has donated over $1.8 billion to different causes. He has also vowed to give away a third of his wealth, which stands at $24 billion right now, so he does intend to help a number of other people in various ways. He does not only help back in his native Hong Kong, but instead he also helps projects in both Canada and the US.

Li Ka-Shing-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

6.Michael Bloomberg

It is estimated that Michael has so far helped over 850 individual charities resulting in him having donated more than $1.8 billion over the years. Some of the campaigns he has been involved in include tougher gun laws, to help people stop smoking, and he has also donated huge sums of money to different colleges to help them with their research.

Michael Bloomberg-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

7.James Stowers

It is estimated that James is now worth around $100 million, but he has donated $2 billion in total to a number of projects, but in particular into medical research. In actual fact he donated over $1 billion to a single medical research institute in the year 2000 leading to advances in the understanding of health issues such as cancer and diabetes.

James Stowers-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

8.Azim Premji

Azim is focusing on trying to improve education and the standards of teaching in India and this has resulted in him donating over $2 billion in just a few years. This is a drop in the ocean for somebody worth almost $17 billion, but he is taking on a huge task due to the size of India and the chaos of red tape across the country.

Azim Premji-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

9.Eli Broad

Eli has been responsible for over $2.8 billion being donated to different projects or causes. He has been responsible for a museum in Los Angeles, but primarily focuses on medical research and this is where most of his donations have been going. He has also made attempts to reform education, but with not as much success as he would have hoped.

Eli Broad-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

10.George Kaiser

After having donated $4 billion to good causes through his very own foundation, with a focus primarily on the Tulsa region, George has certainly helped society in a number of ways. Some projects include helping women to get off drugs, education, and an energy policy to stop the reliance on foreign oil. George is now worth almost $10 billion, so expect more donations from him.

George Kaiser-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

11.Carlos Slim

This Mexican is now the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $74 billion, but he has also donated $4 billion to various good causes. His argument is that he can help the world better by creating as many jobs as possible, hence the smaller figure than you may expect, but he has still helped with various projects across the Americas.

Carlos Slim-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

12.Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore has so far donated over $6.8 billion and indeed right now that is more than he is worth. $6 billion of this went to his very own foundation with this focusing on areas such as educating nurses, the environment and also science. It does mean that we should all benefit in some way from the money he has invested especially over the last few years.

Gordon Moore-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

13.George Soros

George has donated approximately $8 billion in total since 1979 and this has involved a number of projects such as setting up clean needle clinics across California to research projects in Russia. However, it is perhaps the $1.7 billion he has donated to education that will serve the greater purpose for some time to come.

George Soros-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

14.Warren Buffett

One of the things that Warren is famous for is having said that he was willing to give away his entire fortune before he died. This has not happened at this point, but he has donated over $8 billion and has managed to sign up a number of other seriously rich people to a pact that they too will donate huge amounts of their wealth.

Warren Buffett-Biggest Philanthropist In The World

15.Bill Gates

It is estimated that Bill Gates, who is of course from Microsoft and was the richest man in the world for a number of years, has donated in the region of $28 billion over his lifetime. This is a colossal sum of money and it is done through the foundation he has set up with his wife to help tackle various issues such as malaria.

Bill Gates-Biggest Philanthropist In The World



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