Best Pranks Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:01 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Balloon missiles

This is such a cool prank and you can imagine the look on the faces of everybody else as you drive past them with missiles flying behind you. It really is very clever and easy to do, but you need to remember to drive like a maniac to get the reaction you hoped for.

Balloon missiles-Best Pranks Ever

2.Scary door

Please do not do this trick if the next person that is due to walk through that door has a heart condition. This is going to scare the absolute life out of them if they blast that air horn, so even though you may have a laugh at it do note that it may not work out like you hoped.

Scary door-Best Pranks Ever


This prank is funny, unless you are the person that has to clean up these fountains and get rid of all of that foam. Surely the person that did this ended up being caught, but fair play to them for giving it a go and turning those boring fountains into something that at least looks a bit different.

Foamy-Best Pranks Ever

4.What doctor?

Who could resist doing this all of the time if you saw a doctor with that name? It has to have been just set up for pranksters around the world and it does always bring out the child in us no matter how often it has been done before. Surely you would go and change your name if it bothered you that much?

What doctor?-Best Pranks Ever

5.Invisible driver

This is a prank that has been well thought out and you just know that it is going to seriously freak out people when they see a car going past with nobody apparently at the wheel. However, their vision has to be restricted with all of this, but do not let that spoil what has to be one of the best pranks out there.

Invisible driver-Best Pranks Ever

6.Baby wrapped

This is another version of the classic, tape the drunk person up prank, but of course as you can see with this one they have also drawn on the obligatory penis just to complete it. The part that is the funniest is the crown though as that is a stroke of genius.

Baby wrapped-Best Pranks Ever

7.Sticker car

OK so you may have previously seen the prank where notes are put on a car, but this one is different in that they have also filled the inside with shredded paper just to complete the prank. Imagine when the owner comes out and sees their pride and joy only to then discover there is more inside just waiting to be revealed.

Sticker car-Best Pranks Ever

8.Cup hallway

The first thing that you need to ask yourself here is just how many cups were required in order to pull off this prank. The next question has to be how long did it take followed by how many people and finally what is the actual point in doing it in the first place??

Cup hallway-Best Pranks Ever


So basically this person is now stuck at their desk as everybody knows that adults are useless when it comes to these ballpits. He has to have been aware of it going on as nobody could be so oblivious to something like this? Or can they?

Ballpit-Best Pranks Ever

10.Glowing eyes

This is a prank that you are going to have so much fun with and it does not take much to set up. Just imagine what it will be like on a dark and spooky night when people walk past and just see these scary eyes looking back at them. OK it might be cruel at times, but it is also funny.

Glowing eyes-Best Pranks Ever


This is really clever and you just know that you are going to get some brilliant laughs when you leave this item lying around in various places. Of course you need to see the reaction yourself, so be clever with where you deposit it and wait for fireworks.

Pooh-Best Pranks Ever

12.Ceiling tape

Ok so when somebody you know is very drunk and you are all very bored what are you going to do? Of course you are going to tape him to the ceiling to make sure that when he wakes up he is going to freak out. This is a prank that always gets a laugh and that is why you will see so many versions of it online.

Ceiling tape-Best Pranks Ever



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