Best Laptop Brands 2013

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 4:39 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is a bit of a cheat as the Chromebook is not directly made by Google, but instead you will often see them with Samsung on there. However, everything else is Google, and it is worth including this as it is cheap, the machine itself is pretty good, and if you are looking for something basic, then this may very well be the solution.

Google-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Advent may not be the most expensive brand to buy, but that does not mean that they produce bad laptops. Instead, they make sure that all of the basics that you would expect from a laptop are done correctly and in all honesty they do this very well indeed. Their laptops can also look quite cool as well, so if you are on a budget, then this is certainly one company to look out for.

Advent-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Fujitsu are pretty much like Toshiba in that they focus on allowing their products to do the talking rather than spending an absolute fortune on marketing all of the time. The only problem with Fujitsu is that the quality of the product can vary, and that does not have to be tied into the price that is being charged either. Do read reviews before buying to avoid disappointment.

Fujitsu-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Toshiba have always been seen as reliable when it comes to computers and even though they may not launch a new model with much fanfare it does not mean that they do not care. Instead, they work on quietly building their fan base and there are people who will now never touch anything else due to the way in which Toshiba have gone about producing a quality laptop.

Toshiba-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Acer produces a range of laptops that fit nicely in the price range going from the bottom end of the scale into the mid-range. They are fast enough to cope with whatever you need, powerful enough, and provide you with a lot of storage space for all of those files. The graphics are also first class, so overall it is a fantastic laptop.

Acer-Best Laptop Brands 2013


In the world of computers is there another name that is as famous as Dell? Probably not, but that is because their computers, and laptops, have been the staple diet of offices and businesses around the world. However, their laptops are also great for personal use and at least you know that you are buying a quality product.

Dell-Best Laptop Brands 2013


If you are looking for a laptop that is more at the upper end of the price range, then the Sony Vaio is certainly something that you need to consider buying. This machine made headlines when it was first introduced and indeed a number of people will simply not look past it when they are upgrading their machine.

Sony-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Samsung are right up there just now with Apple when it comes to cool electronics brands and this does also apply with their laptops. They are all manufactured to the same high standard as you would expect from this company and they do have a habit of making something that is a bit different while still making sure that the basics are all in perfect working order.

Samsung-Best Laptop Brands 2013


HP have been around for an eternity and they are still producing quality machines at prices that tend to sit in the middle of the range. You know that when you buy this brand you are going to be getting something that has been created thanks to a lot of research and development resulting in a machine that you will absolutely love.

HP-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Asus are actually quite innovative when it comes to their laptops and if you are looking at spending as little money as possible, but still getting a quality computer, then this is the company for you. The machines that they manufacture are well built and they do contain enough memory as well as hard drive space for the average user, so overall it is a great company to buy from.

Asus-Best Laptop Brands 2013


Lenovo is certainly a name that has made great strides in recent years and it is now firmly established as one of the best laptop brands on the market. The machines that they produce are not that expensive, at least compared to others, but they are very well built and they will certainly not let you down.

Lenovo-Best Laptop Brands 2013


It is perhaps no real surprise to discover that Apple is ranked as the best laptop brand of 2013 because anything that Apple touches does appear to turn to gold. The MacBook is undoubtedly an amazing machine and you will certainly love what it is capable of doing, but it is also an Apple product, so in that respect it is cool.

Apple-Best Laptop Brands 2013



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