Best Couple Tattoos

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 4:07 pm
By:Tony Williams


OK the idea here is good, but at the same time it does look a bit strange for a guy to have a tattoo like this on their back. There is something not that manly about it, but it makes sense when he is beside his other half and you can see what they were trying to achieve when they went to have this done.

Disney-Best Couple Tattoos

2.You rock

This is cool as it uses a play on words with two very simple drawings, but results in a tattoo that can mean so much to the couple in question. You have to say that it is extremely clever in what it does and you cannot help but smile at it and think about how cool it actually is.

You rock-Best Couple Tattoos

3.Tin can

There is something rather nice about this simple tattoo design because it uses that age old kids thing of listening to each other with string and two tin cans, but at the same time the string joins the two of you together. Yes the detail in it may not be up to much, but it is still effective with what it is trying to do.

Tin can-Best Couple Tattoos


This tattoo shows you that you do not have to get something complicated to make a statement as this does the job extremely well. All it takes is these few words and you have something that means so much and also something that links the two of you as a couple.

Simple-Best Couple Tattoos

5.The kiss

This is one of those tattoos where so much work has gone into its creation, but at the same time it does actually look seriously good when the two arms are put together. OK so you need to spend a lot of time getting it done, but would you not then put arms together with pride as a result?

The kiss-Best Couple Tattoos


Letters on fingers can look quite bad, but there is something about this that just works when you see that when holding hands it says soul mate. This is actually very, very clever, but at the same time it is also extremely easy for the tattoo artist to produce, so everybody wins.

Soulmate-Best Couple Tattoos


This is one of those funny couple tattoos that actually do work although it does appear as if the guy is the cat and the girl is the dog and surely that is the wrong way around? However, the tattoo itself is a lot of fun and it is certainly something you would get done when drunk but still love the next day.

Animals-Best Couple Tattoos

8.Joint heart

Having half of a picture each is certainly a good idea if you are looking at getting a couples tattoo, but of course it would lead to problems if you ever did split up. This tattoo is quite cool with how it has been done and you would not stop showing people your feet if you were the lucky couple.

Joint heart-Best Couple Tattoos

9.Heart pieces

These heart pieces are cool and once again it is a great idea for a couple to have this done together due to the way in which they link together to form one piece. This is a recurring theme in these kinds of tattoos, but at the same time you can understand why when you see them put together like this.

Heart pieces-Best Couple Tattoos

10.Salt and pepper

Of course salt and pepper both go together, but these tattoos are also rather cool in the way that they have been done. Clearly the female is salt and the male pepper due to him having a beard, but overall this is a great couple tattoo to have done.

Salt and pepper-Best Couple Tattoos


This is very clever as it has two different shaped jigsaw pieces and puts them on the other persons arm to link that they are together. This is certainly ingenious and you would imagine it would have been quite difficult to come up with, but is actually a very simple idea.

Jigsaw-Best Couple Tattoos


This is a great couples tattoo to get although you will of course need to work out who gets the fishing rod and who is the fish. It is certainly the perfect combination when it comes to a tattoo and the artwork that is in it is also done to a very high standard.

Fishing-Best Couple Tattoos



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