Best Bourbons In America

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 3:37 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Lidl Western Gold

This bourbon is from a cheap UK supermarket, but the 6 year old drink is actually very nice. It is quite fruity in nature and it creeps up on you with the taste before smacking you hard and turning into an absolute delight. There are so many flavors going on here that you just do not know where to turn next, so need to drink another one just to find out more about it.

Lidl Western Gold-Best Bourbons In America

2.Eagle Rare

This bourbon really does invite you in to explore it and that is something you need to do in order to fully appreciate the drink. This has summer fruits, vanilla, almonds, and oak to name just a few things that make up the taste and if you love bourbon and love quality bourbon, then you will absolutely love this from the get go.

Eagle Rare-Best Bourbons In America

3.Hudson Baby Bourbon

This may not be one you are aware of, but this Hudson Baby Bourbon is an absolute delight to drink. First you will be hit with honey, then vanilla, and malt and ultimately it is a drink that just coats your taste buds and holds them there until it is finished roughing them up.

Hudson Baby Bourbon-Best Bourbons In America

4.Jim Beam Black

This is quite a bold bourbon and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Instead, this is something that is going to smack you with the taste of brown sugar and honey as well as caramel and butterscotch. However, ultimately it is warming to your throat and is an absolute delight to drink.

Jim Beam Black-Best Bourbons In America

5.Blanton's Kentucky

With hints of both corn and honey, this particular bourbon from Blanton's is certainly different from anything else out there. This bourbon is described as having a long creamy finish, but even if you do not believe that to be the case there is no doubt that there is some vanilla tastes in there along with mint and honey.

Blanton's Kentucky-Best Bourbons In America

6.1792 Ridgemont

This is quite a delicate bourbon to drink, but you can tell that it is a quality product from the very first sip. At first it feels as if it is doing nothing, but then suddenly it hits you and you discover that you are actually sampling something that is quite spectacular. This is going to have honey, spices, and caramel and ultimately it is a delight to drink.

1792 Ridgemont-Best Bourbons In America


If you love your bourbon to be fruity and spice, then this is the one for you. Experts talk about the long finish, the way it just holds onto your taste buds until the very last minute, and how full and lively it is to drink it. With the taste you are going to get some vanilla, chocolate, and spices and it really is a fantastic drink.

HOGS-Best Bourbons In America

8.Western Gold Kentucky

This bourbon is described as being quite lively and it is easy to see why the first time you try it. This one is going to hit you with some spice, oak, and even a bit of vanilla and the smell is also going to bring out aniseed and brown sugar. Overall, this bourbon is very well balanced and is a pleasure to drink.

Western Gold Kentucky-Best Bourbons In America

9.Blanton's Original

This bourbon is made by craftsmen and it is smooth and well rounded and is absolutely gorgeous to drink. This one has some aniseed taste to it as well as mint, but that is then followed by some vanilla resulting in it coating your taste buds and enticing them into wanting more of this wonderful drink.

Blanton's Original-Best Bourbons In America

10.Knob Creek

With this bourbon you are getting something very traditional. This one comes with a hint of honey, orange, and treacle, but the main thing is that it hits your taste buds and the entire thing just comes to life. It is quite sweet at first, but then leaves you wanting some more.

Knob Creek-Best Bourbons In America

11.Devil's Cut

This bourbon really is a taste explosion as there are so many different things going on here that you will not know which way to turn next. There is some spearmint in here, there is honey, treacle, spices, hickory, and so much more that you wonder how they have managed to blend everything together to produce this fantastic bourbon.

Devil's Cut-Best Bourbons In America

12.Jim Beam Signature Craft

This bourbon is one of the best in the world as it has a rich, intense taste, it is very well balanced and it leaves you just wanting more. Experts say it has a hint of dates, treacle, and brown sugar, but even if you do not believe all of that stuff there is no doubt that it is fantastic to drink.

Jim Beam Signature Craft-Best Bourbons In America



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