Best Body And Makeup Transformations

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 7:13 pm
By:Tony Williams


From dull frump to utterly gorgeous. Weight-loss, great clothes and style coupled with a brilliant hair cut and this ugly duckling is ready to dazzle.

Fantastic-Best Body And Makeup Transformations

2.Complete Change

Can you believe this is the same woman? The only thing left to recognize her is her cheeky smile. This ugly duckling is certainly a swan now!

Complete Change-Best Body And Makeup Transformations

3.Golden Girl

Jennifer Aniston was certainly a regular girl when she started out. Pudgy faced with boring hair she has over the years transformed herself with make-up and hair styling techniques that got her noticed.

Golden Girl-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


4.Digitally Enhanced

Sometimes no make-up or even diet is required. A simple color adjustment on a photograph can make all the difference. Notice how the dress on the right has changed color? In turn, her skin-tone has become lighter and more even. Instant beauty!

Digitally Enhanced-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


If you saw this woman on the left walking down the road, would you even consider she was this bewitching woman on the right? Her green eyes have been transformed into unforgettable features by the clever use of eye-liner and shadow. Her lips filled out with pencil and gloss and her hair is a wild untamed main of curls.

Unbelievable-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


The photograph on the right looks like a high-end fashion model right? Yet on the left she looks a bit geekish and ordinary. Hair slightly darkened, eyes emphasized with dark shadow and a seductive pose equal smoldering.

Smoldering-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


Here diet and make-up are at play. The woman on the left looks butch and almost manly. On the right she transforms into an elegant woman that lacks no femininity at all. Blond hair completes the look.

Dazzling-Best Body And Makeup Transformations

8.Work of Art

Once again make-up in the culprit in causing this woman left, to turn into this deadly siren on the right. Here mediocre eyes become her most striking feature. Feline cat wings have created stunning eyes you can hardly stop staring at. Her lips are fuller and her eyebrows have impact. A light tan has been added to her pale skin.

Work of Art-Best Body And Makeup Transformations

9.A Star is Born

Changing hairstyles and hair color can really completely change your look from ugly duckling to gorgeous siren. Here brown hair was lightened to Hollywood blond, along with siren red lips and heavily lined upper lids. The result is complete star appeal.

A Star is Born-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


If working out is not your thing, try a bit of facial contouring. Here you see in the top photograph a regular girl turned into the stunner below right. Facial contouring, a great foundation, false eyelashes and perfect brows change everything.

Gorgeous-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


The striking redhead on the right bears little resemblance to the podgy chick on the left. In place of a dough like body and strange posture, a sex bomb is born. Diet, exercise and a new attitude has completely transformed her from zero to hero.

Wow!-Best Body And Makeup Transformations


It is nice to know that anyone can transform themselves from plain or just plain ugly to absolutely beautiful. Whether it is a body transformation, a make-up change or even digital enhancement. Here we see eyes highlighted and face contoured into striking perfection. From decidedly dull to absolutely breath-taking.

Stunning-Best Body And Makeup Transformations



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