Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Bundle Up Outside

Temperatures can fluctuate during the day. It may not seem very cold when you first step outside, but once you walk round for a little while, the cold air will hit you like a speeding train. This is why it's best to bundle up when you go outside and wear a bunch of layers underneath your jacket.

Bundle Up Outside-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

2.Cuddle with Someone

Body heat emitted from another person is a surefire way to keep warm. Cuddling isn't for everyone, but when it's cold outside, you'll learn to love it. Cuddling or huddling with someone else in bed helps both parties keep warm. If you don't have another human being to bring you some warmth, you can always let your furry friend sleep at the edge of your bed.

Cuddle with Someone-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

3.Invest in a Door Stopper

Even the smallest hole can welcome a cold breeze. If your doors or windows have a slight crack, you can feel that cold air all throughout your home. To prevent these unnecessary breezes, try buying window and door stoppers. These stoppers will halt air from creeping into your home, and making it cold or chilly.

Invest in a Door Stopper-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

4.Don't Forget Your Hat

Wearing a warm hat during frigid temperatures is very important. Thousands of people ever year get head colds due to going outside without wearing a hat. No one likes having hat-hair, but when it comes to having messy hair or battling the flu, you should always go withhaving messy hair.

Don't Forget Your Hat-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

5.Buy a Hot Water Bottle

Water should be an essential part of a mammal's everyday life. Even hot water can be a huge aid in the winter time. Winter is the best time to buy a hot water bottle. Water is known to keep heat for long periods of time. You can keep one next to you at all times and the heat from the water bottle will keep you warm. It's also a great item to put under your regular blanket, at night, to keep you cozy.

Buy a Hot Water Bottle-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter


If you're chilly, then get up and start moving. Exercising gets the blood flowing and increases your heart rate. It's a known fact that exercise warms up the body by increasing your internal temperature. Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes or doing yoga can keep you both warm and fit during the winter.

Exercise-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

7.Eat A Bowl of Hot Soup

It's so tempting to just eat a bowl of cereal or fix a sandwich to make things easier on yourself. However, in the winter months eating a hot home cooked meal will warm your heart and your stomach. Soup is one of the most popular meals to cook during the winter. You can make it from scratch or pick up a few cans of the store-bought stuff. Either way, invest some time in making a hot meal and your body will thank you.

Eat A Bowl of Hot Soup-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

8.Drink Hot Drinks

A cup of coffee is a great way to start the morning, but a cup of hot chocolate is a great way to keep warm. There's something about a piping hot cup of hot cocoa that can make a person warm up in a matter of minutes. Sipping on some hot cocoa in front of a fireplace will make you forget about the cold weather in no time.

Drink Hot Drinks-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

9.Indulge in Hot Baths

Hot baths aren't just for curing achy muscles after a long day. After you've spent hours out in the cold, one of the best ways to warm up your entire body, in just minutes, is by taking a nice hot bath! Soaking in a hot bath will increase your body temperature so you won't be cold and it helps relax your muscles.

Indulge in Hot Baths-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

10.Use Your Fireplace to Stay Warm

Fireplaces have been keeping people warm for years. They're great to look at and they are a fast way to warm up when you've been out in the cold. If you don't have a home with a fireplace, you can purchase a portable fireplace and keep warm just the same.

Use Your Fireplace to Stay Warm-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

11.Invest in A Space Heater

When you're dealing with frigid temperatures inside and outside of your house, you can never have too much heat. It's always good to have a space heater lying around. Even if you live in a home where the heat is regulated, you can't always rely on that. A space heater is great because it will keep you warm and toasty and if you get too hot, you can always turn it off until you need to warm up again.

Invest in A Space Heater-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

12.Heating Blanket

Blankets are warm and cozy, but a heating blanket will keep the winter chill away. Sometimes when you have blanket on for too long, it doesn't seem like it's keeping you as warm as it did when you first put it on. The amount of warmth that a heating blanket emits can be changed by turning the dial. If you live in a cold climate, it would be best to invest in one of these this

Heating Blanket-Best Ways To Stay Warm This Winter



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