Best Things To Get On Christmas

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:35 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Gift Cards

Some people see getting money as a Christmas gift as thoughtless and insulting. If you're buying a person a Christmas gift, chances are you know them fairly well. And since you know them, then you more than likely know which stores they shop at frequently. Just hop over to their favorite store and buy them a gift card. This way, the recipient knows you made an attempt to get them something they like.

Gift Cards-Best Things To Get On Christmas

2.Concert Tickets

Depending on the artist, when concert tickets go on sale they're sold out within minutes. If you're shopping for someone who loves a certain artist or band, then buying them tickets to see that musician in-concert would be an amazing Christmas gift. They'll be shocked to receive tickets, especially if they tried to purchase them but weren't successful.

Concert Tickets-Best Things To Get On Christmas


When all else fails, money is the way to go. Christmas gifts can be a hit or miss, if you don't know what the person wants. If you want to avoid getting your feelings hurt, or having or present re-gifted, try giving the people in your life a card full of money for Christmas.

Money-Best Things To Get On Christmas

4.Engraved Items

Engraving an object gives it a sentimental touch. Something as ordinary (and cheap) as a pen or wallet, can bring tears to a person's eyes if the right words are engraved on it. People love receiving items with their name etched alongside words such as; 'Best,' 'Great,' 'Wonderful,' and 'Loving.'

Engraved Items-Best Things To Get On Christmas

5.Game Systems/ Game Consoles

Video games are for people of all ages. With the Xbox One and Ps4 now on sale, game consoles are one of the top gifts to give someone this Christmas. The consoles are over $400, but the extra features make the price of each console a steal. The best part is that you'll have some peace and quiet in your house for at least a month, as your loved one will be obsessed with playing video games.

Game Systems/ Game Consoles-Best Things To Get On Christmas

6.Designer Bags

Designer bags cost a grip, but that's because they're made out of sturdy and long-lasting material. Spending $1000 or more on a bag is not in everyone's budget. So when a woman gets a Louis Vutton, Hermes, or Birkin bag for Christmas, she will be more than grateful. And with any purse-giving tradition, the gifter is supposed to put money in the bag, so it's two gifts in one.

Designer Bags-Best Things To Get On Christmas

7.Caribbean Trip

Giving someone a trip or cruise as a Christmas gift, will brighten their day. Trips are expensive and annoying to plan, so some people opt not to go on them. But when you have one that's already been planned, given to you on a silver platter, you'll be running for the airport.

Caribbean Trip-Best Things To Get On Christmas

8.Wedding Proposal/Engagement Ring

Most women (those who want to get married) will agree that getting engaged on Christmas Day is one of the best gifts ever. However, getting engaged on a holiday can be a blessing and a curse. If the marriage lasts, then you'll a lot to celebrate every Christmas. But if the marriage never takes place or you wind up divorced, you'll probably turn into a modern-day Grinch.

Wedding Proposal/Engagement Ring-Best Things To Get On Christmas

9.Christmas Baby

Babies are a blessing. There's nothing like having your very own Christmas miracle, just as Mary and Joseph did. No one wants to be in a hospital on Christmas Day, but giving birth is an exception. And to top it all off, since they're a Christmas baby, their birthday gifts double as X-mas gifts as well.

Christmas Baby-Best Things To Get On Christmas


iPads are a fad that has been around for a couple of years and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. They're convenient, easy to use, quick, and expensive. iPads are an investment that everyone is not willing to make; so the next best thing would be to give it as a gift.

iPad-Best Things To Get On Christmas


Teens are always begging for a car for their birthday, graduation, just because or for Christmas. Buying someone a car is one of the most expensive gifts you can get a person for Christmas. You could probably get 50 Christmas gifts versus just buying one car. The up side is that the person you give it to will be so grateful that they won't expect any Christmas gifts for at least 3 years.

Car-Best Things To Get On Christmas


Diamonds are a girl's best friend and they're also a great gift. If you want to put a smile on a girl's face on Christmas morning, then diamonds are the way to go. Even if she isn't a huge diamond fan, she'll appreciate the fact that you spent so much money on her in the first place. Photo-

Diamonds-Best Things To Get On Christmas



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