Best Skywalks In The World

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 6:45 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.CN Tower - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The CN Tower has a glass floor walk way that circles the entire top of the building. Steel grated 5 foot wide ledge hovers 1168 feet above the ground with no railing. Daredevils are welcome to strap in and lean forward over the 116 story drop, backwards and frontwards. What?

CN Tower - Toronto, Ontario, Canada-Best Skywalks In The World

2.Skywalk At Super Tree Grove - Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

The Skywalk at Super Tree Grove in Singapore resides in Gardens By The Bay. Opening to the public in 2012, this brilliant skywalk is one of the most unique you'll see. With tree like structures, called super trees, the walkway brings visitors over a 16 floor vertical garden as it links two of the largest super trees.

Skywalk At Super Tree Grove - Gardens By The Bay, Singapore-Best Skywalks In The World

3.Suspended Platform At Iguazu Falls - Brazil And Argentina

Two hundred waterfalls create part of the border between Brazil and Argentina, with 20 foot cliffs on each side. The suspended platform at Iguazu Falls, put visitors so close to the falls, they can feel the spray of the water, as they look out over the falls with awe and admiration.

Suspended Platform At Iguazu Falls - Brazil And Argentina-Best Skywalks In The World

4.Shanghai World Financial Center - China

On the 100th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center in China, there is a skywlak that attracts tourists from all around the globe. At 1555 feet above the ground, it is considered the highest observatory int he world. the 180 foot wide glass floors make it appear that you are standing over the city.

Shanghai World Financial Center - China-Best Skywalks In The World

5.Kinzua Bridge - McKean County, Pennsylvania

Before the Kinzua Bridge was wrecked, it was considered the longest railroad, and also the tallest. At 2054 feet long, it stood 301 feet over the Kinzua Gorge. In 2003, a tornado destroyed a lot of it. A 600 foot skywalk has been built, with some of the platforms made of glass floors.

Kinzua Bridge - McKean County, Pennsylvania-Best Skywalks In The World

6.Skywalk On Tianmen Mountain - Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

With a glass floor, the Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain in China is 4700 feet high. Visitors wear sock booties instead of shoes to transverse the skywalk, as they feel as though they are falling when they look down. The three foot wide skywalk is made of two and half inch thick glass.

Skywalk On Tianmen Mountain - Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China-Best Skywalks In The World

7.Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk - Australia

The Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk in Australia really does make you feel like you're flying through the trees. The 82 foot high skywalk cuts through the forest and along the coastline from Kiama to Shell Harbor, as steel construction provides a solid platform for walking and enjoying nature and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk - Australia-Best Skywalks In The World

8.Aurland Lookout - Aurland, Norway

The Aurland Lookout in Norway looks more like a jumping point than a walk way. Juting out over Sogn OG Fjordane, the bridge is open at the end and curves downward, almost like a slide. With glass walls, you hardly feel like there is anything on the sides of you, or in front of you, as you stand over the 98 foot drop.

Aurland Lookout - Aurland, Norway-Best Skywalks In The World

9.Grand Canyon Skywalk - Arizona

The breathtaking Grand Canyon Skywalk is on the Arizona side of the canyon. Jutting out from the side of the canyon, the skywalk is 800 feet above the Colorado River. It attracts tourists from all over the world, who want a chance to fly above the canyon without ever leaving the ground.

Grand Canyon Skywalk - Arizona-Best Skywalks In The World

10.Capilano Skywalk - North Vancouver, Canada

The Capilano Skywalk is an amazing structure sits 450 feet high above the Capilano River below. Curving over the treetops, visitors can see for miles and miles as the skywalk curves with the river bends. It leads to the Cliff Walk, where the walkway cuts right between the tree tops.

Capilano Skywalk - North Vancouver, Canada-Best Skywalks In The World

11.Arenal Sky Walk, Santa Elena, Costa Rica

The Arenal Sky Walk is one of the greatest features of Santa Elana in Costa Rica. The suspension bridge, spanning two miles across the rain forest, passes two waterfalls and has two observation points. The amazing views make it worth the walk, becoming one with nature high above the amazing rainforest.

Arenal Sky Walk, Santa Elena, Costa Rica-Best Skywalks In The World

12.The Ledge - Willis Tower, Chicago

Formerly the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower opened in 1974, and attracts over 1.3 million people annually, all wanting to stand on The Ledge. The Skydeck houses a series of glass bays, jutting out 4.3 feet from the building and 103 floors over the street, with visitors marveling at the sight of Wacker Drive below them.

The Ledge - Willis Tower, Chicago-Best Skywalks In The World



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