Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 3:14 pm
By:Tony Williams


Do you really need to say anything else about this t-shirt? It is simple, it is to the point, and it is ultimately Sheldon summed up in one word. You really do not need any image just those seven letters although the lightning bolt at the bottom does make a difference.

Bazinga!-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

2.Not insane

This is probably one of his most well known quotes, so it makes sense to go and put it on a t-shirt as it is surely going to sell quite well between fans of the show. This is a fabulous quote and ultimately other fans of the show will look at you with admiring glances just because you own one.

Not insane-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

3.Inverse tangent

This t-shirt is funny because it does sum up the frustration he feels at something that he sees as being so simple, but the rest of us sees as being very complex and impossible to understand. The image that has been used is also perfect for it and ultimately you would probably love to wear this t-shirt.

Inverse tangent-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

4.Mind of Sheldon

You just know that if you got to look inside his head that it would be quite complex and crammed full of information. However, this t-shirt takes a lighter look at the inside of his head and it is certainly not what you would expect, or is it?

Mind of Sheldon-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

5.Friendship Algorithm

How cool is this t-shirt and how well designed is it? This is going to really sum up Sheldon and the way that he looks at something as simple as friendship and manages to turn it into something that is very complex is just classic him.

Friendship Algorithm-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts


This t-shirt is funny as you just know that Sheldon is always going to come out with a phrase that is not as straightforward as it should be. The result of all of this is a t-shirt that is going to get a few laughs if you wear it from other fans of the show.

Friendship-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts


If you have never watched the show you will not get this t-shirt, but if you have then you may be interested in buying it in the first place. The t-shirt itself is pretty simple, but it is certainly something you associate with Sheldon and that alone makes it worthwhile buying it.

Penny-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

8.Colon capital

At least this t-shirt has some graphics on it and that just helps to make it look that bit better because without it you would just have a boring t-shirt. OK it is not the best picture of him that has been used, but overall it is a cool t-shirt.

Colon capital-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

9.The visionary

This is a fabulous t-shirt and it is one that you could really wear with pride. There is something quite philosophical about the line that appears on it, but it is perfect for him and really does sum up the character very well indeed.

The visionary-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

10.The sadness

Ok so this t-shirt is very plain, but the quote is one that sounds more as if it has come from a modern day philosopher than Sheldon. In actual fact it just gives you an idea as to the cleverness of the man and would you not be proud of wearing this t-shirt in the first place?

The sadness-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts

11.Sheldon joke

This t-shirt is cool and it just sums up the kind of humor that Sheldon has and it does work perfectly on a t-shirt. OK you may not understand the joke yourself, but it does work so well with the character and it is this fact that makes it a good t-shirt to wear.

Sheldon joke-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts


This is a great quote by Sheldon, but at the same time it is also a fantastic quote to have on any t-shirt even if it had not been uttered by him. You need to be quite confident in yourself to wear this because you are going to have a few people making comments.

Confidence-Best Sheldon Cooper T-shirts



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