Best Mercedes Ever

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 12:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.1939 770K Grosser

OK so at times it may look like something that Al Capone would have used, but you have to admit that this car is an absolute classic. It was smooth, it was powerful, and it made cool noises, but how proud would you be sitting in this amazing looking car?

1939 770K Grosser-Best Mercedes Ever

2.1979 G-Wagen

This may be a bit of a surprise, but this is a Mercedes that showed they were capable of doing something off-road. They may never have done anything like this before, but with this one solitary vehicle they ended up making perhaps the best vehicle of its kind ever made by anybody in the world.

1979 G-Wagen-Best Mercedes Ever

3.1997 CLK GTR

This may look like a race car, which it was, but there was also a road version put out there that cost well over $1 million. As you can imagine it took a brave person to drive this at its limit due to the sheer power and speed that it was capable of producing, but it was reliable and just look at how cool it is.

1997 CLK GTR-Best Mercedes Ever

4.1968 600 Pullman

This was the limousine that every world leader wanted to be seen in during the 60s. Everybody had them as well as a few well known names and faces in the world of showbiz and it is understandable as to why that is the case when you check it out. It had a 6.3L V8 engine and a smooth ride.

1968 600 Pullman-Best Mercedes Ever

5.1934 W25 silver arrow

This is a beautiful race car and it actually got the name silver arrow because they had to scrape the white paint off to get it under the weight limit. The car did well and an entirely new idea was born, but of course it also had to rely on the car being good, which it was.

1934 W25 silver arrow-Best Mercedes Ever

6.1930 710 SSK Trossi Roadster

This vehicle was built in 1930, so the fact that it had a 7L engine and produced 300hp is absolutely mindblowing. It managed to get up to 120mph and that must have been terrifying back in those days, but what an achievement to even get there in the first place for Mercedes.

1930 710 SSK Trossi Roadster-Best Mercedes Ever

7.1986 190E Cosworth

Now this was a combination that had people sweating because here you had the power from a Cosworth engine along with German engineering, so there is no doubting why it is seen as being a wonderful vehicle. This was really seen as the forerunner to their AMG models and if you have one now you are sitting with a collectors item.

1986 190E Cosworth-Best Mercedes Ever

8.1991 500E

This was a classic executive vehicle and it was clearly aimed at the high end of the market and boy did they manage to grab a slice of that. It was big, it was powerful, and it was comfortable, so what else do you want?

1991 500E-Best Mercedes Ever

9.1969 300 SEL 6.3

As the name suggests this absolute brute of a car came with a 6.3L engine and it knew how to really move at speed. However, just because it was big did not mean that it was not nimble and driving this vehicle was very easy indeed. This car had 250hp, but it was also heavy so it needed that extra power to get along, but this really is an amazing piece of German engineering.

1969 300 SEL 6.3-Best Mercedes Ever

10.1954 300 SL

This was a road car and what a car!! It came with the classic gullwing doors and just look at it. How cool does this car look and it had an engine to die for as well. This is driving in absolute style and it is no wonder that it is seen as being one of the best cars that this company ever made.

1954 300 SL-Best Mercedes Ever

11.540k Spezial Roadster

The first thing that you think when you look at this car is just how beautiful it is. This vehicle came with a 5.4L engine and it got up to 180hp, which was pretty impressive for a car of this time. However it is the styling that really does mark this out as being different from the rest.

540k Spezial Roadster-Best Mercedes Ever

12.300 SLR

This race car really knew how to make its mark in the world of motor sport. The legend that is Stirling Moss even refers to this as being the best race car that has ever been made due to the power, the handling, and its ability to just win races.

300 SLR-Best Mercedes Ever



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