15 Best Dress-up Games For Girls On Mobile

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:28 am
By:James Fraser

When dress-up games first appeared on the internet in the 90s, they took the world by a storm. Girls loved those online dress-up games a lot. It is 2016. Even after two decades, the craze for dress-up games hasn't come down. Thanks to the ever-growing mobile technology, we can now have the games installed on our mobiles in a jiffy, and play whenever and wherever we want to play. This topic is exclusively for dress-up game lovers! We are now going to show you 15 best, most-downloaded, and top-rated dress up games to download on your mobile.
13.Dress Up Girl

It's an anime dress up game, and this is the reason why millions have downloaded the game despite being one of the simple dress-up games. Players just need to swap model's hair, eyes, lips, dresses, etc. to create cool styles. You can change the game background as well. The game is straightforward. You would just play the game until you get bored. The high definition graphics of the game is very impressive. Over a million people downloaded the game, and that just tells us how popular this game is.
Game: Dress Up Girl 
Price: Free to Install and Play
Total Downloads: 1 Million to 5 Million 
Total Ratings: 13,000+
Average Rating: 4

Dress Up Girl-15 Best Dress-up Games For Girls On Mobile

14.Dress Up Summer

Dress up Summer is the most colorful dress-up game on the topic. The vibrant colors of the game are an absolute treat to watch. As a player, you have to dress up Summer with colorful outfits. There are about 500 mix and match combinations you can use to create a nearly infinite number of styles. The game is not just about dresses. One can decorate Summer with a lot of girls' accessories like hats, earrings, necklaces, sandals, etc. The skin color of the model can be changed as well.
Game: Dress up Summer 
Price: Free to Install and Play
Total Downloads: 500,000 to 1 Million 
Total Ratings: 3100+
Average Rating: 3.9

Dress Up Summer-15 Best Dress-up Games For Girls On Mobile

15.Nail Art Dress Up

This may look like an off-topic entry, but trust us; this is a dress-up game too! Thousands of girls around the world use the game to give a visual form to their nail art ideas. The game is a complete virtual Nail Art salon. The tools on game allow you to do a complete manicure procedure including cutting, cleaning, and shaping nails. The game also has tons of nail polish colors to choose from. It also has stickers, rhinestones, rings, and more nail accessories to glam up nails.  The gameplay is very simple. You just need to tap and drag the game items on virtual fingernail.
Game: Nail Art Dress Up 
Price: Free to Install and Play
Total Downloads: 5 Million to 10 Million 
Total Ratings: 36,000+ 
Average Rating: 3.5

Nail Art Dress Up-15 Best Dress-up Games For Girls On Mobile
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