Best Asian Countries To Live In

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:02 pm
By:Tony Williams


Vietnam is capable of giving you that rustic feel mixed in with crazy people that are still in the process of opening up to the world. The pace of life is such that you will be able to relax as much as you want and not have to worry about money because everything is so cheap there.

Vietnam-Best Asian Countries To Live In


People forget that the UAE is still technically in Asia and if you want a high standard of living, then you should give this country some serious consideration. It is safe, it is clean, it has high morals, and overall it is a joy to be in.

UAE-Best Asian Countries To Live In


If you want to see a bit of Asia as it used to be, but with modern living and chaos, then this is the country for you to live in. Manila is massive and it does require a certain type of personality to make a success of it here, but with some luck on your side it should pose no problems.

Philippines-Best Asian Countries To Live In


Indonesia is huge and with a massive population to match, but it is quite a modern country and one where you should never really have any problems. Do yourself a favor and live in the main cities as the infrastructure will be fine and life should actually be quite easy for you.

Indonesia-Best Asian Countries To Live In


This may surprise some people that China is in the list, but in all honesty it is just because of how it has developed in the last decade that it gets in here. If you are worried about living there, then consider the likes of Shanghai as it has such a cosmopolitan feel to it that you forget you are even in China.

China-Best Asian Countries To Live In


India is vast and if you are the type that wants to get in touch with nature and go on a journey of self-fulfillment, then this is the place for you. Yes you can be all hippy like and live in Goa, but consider traveling around a bit to explore this massive country.

India-Best Asian Countries To Live In


Thailand is kind of like the party area of Asia, but at the same time you can get absolute peace and quiet in so many parts of the country. It is a bit wilder than most countries in the region, but as long as you love chaos and noise, then you will get on very well here.

Thailand-Best Asian Countries To Live In


This country is extremely diverse, beautiful, and very safe to live in. The only problem that you might have is trying to deal with the humidity as it can get very high, but as long as you are in air-conditioning, then you should be able to cope quite easily indeed.

Malaysia-Best Asian Countries To Live In

9.Hong Kong

Some people would argue against this being included and say it is just an annex of China, but people that live there see themselves as being on their own. It is small, but it is a hotbed of activity and if you work in the financial industry, then this is going to be a wonderful place for you.

Hong Kong-Best Asian Countries To Live In


Singapore may be small in size, but it is big in stature. You can walk around here at night and feel completely at ease because crime is virtually non-existent. Yes they may be strict with things such as gum being spat out, but it just makes it a pleasant place to be.

Singapore-Best Asian Countries To Live In

11.South Korea

South Korea is not too far behind Japan when it comes to technology and having a good standard of living. Yes you may be in Asia, but you will feel as if it is very cosmopolitan and you really should have no issues whatsoever here.

South Korea-Best Asian Countries To Live In


This is going to be pretty obvious because surely everybody knows that Japan is quite a cool country? It is technologically advanced, has a great culture, and a fantastic standard of living. It has to be one of the most exciting countries in the world never mind just in Asia.

Japan-Best Asian Countries To Live In



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