Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:30 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.So, so true

Ice cream should rule the world and it is a real shame that this is not the case. However, without money we would never experience it, so for this reason alone money really can buy happiness.

So, so true-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

2.Go for it Al

Al Pacino has both fame and fortune on his side and he seems to have put it to good use. OK he could have probably just handled the fame part, but it will always mean he has a hot woman on his arm due to the money he has.

Go for it Al-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

3.Maybe it's his belly

Maybe she is with him because she loves his belly or more than likely it is because he has a large bank account. He is happy, but the look on her face tells a different story.

Maybe it's his belly-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

4.He is hardly a model

This is the media giant Rupert Murdoch and as you can imagine she is not with him because of how he looks. Instead, he is a billionaire and that makes any man attractive for a certain percentage of women.

He is hardly a model-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

5.Hugh has always been at it

If you are looking for older guys that know how money can buy them happiness, then this is the guy to check out. Good old Hugh Hefner is the ultimate playboy, literally, and his life is just one big happy moment due to his money.

Hugh has always been at it-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

6.Sometimes it is personal

At times things do end up becoming very personal, but then you think of the money and it just seems to be easier to handle. Once again both sides win here, so nobody has any real grounds for complaint.

Sometimes it is personal-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

7.Money is the only explanation

Yep money is indeed the only explanation for this photograph because why else would then be hanging around with this old guy? Instead, they put up with it due to his case and can we blame them?

Money is the only explanation-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

8.It's not for his looks

You may look at this and be disgusted at it, but both are benefiting from their arrangement. He gets to hang around with a gorgeous blond while she gets spoilt rotten, so both win.

It's not for his looks-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

9.Bo is so correct

The one thing that you have to say about Bo Derek is that she has hit the nail on the head here with this quote. It does all come down to your ability to shop and if you are rubbish at it, then sadness awaits.

Bo is so correct-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

10.Happiness is a shopping area

You see when you have money it does make life so much easier for you because you have so many options to check out whereas with no money you are severely limited. We all know which one we would prefer.

Happiness is a shopping area-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

11.Yep it really does help

Come on put yourself in the shoes of the guy here for a minute and understand where he is coming from. He is getting on in years yet here he is with a hot chick and smoking a big cigar and he certainly looks happy enough.

Yep it really does help-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos

12.So very true

So they say money cannot buy you happiness, but when you weigh it up like this you do see that it can certainly help if you have some. OK it does not have to be such a fancy car, but the point still stands.

So very true-Best 'Money Can Buy Happiness' Photos



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